A bed frame is the structural foundation of a bed which holds the mattresses and keep the bed standing perfectly. Bed frames are usually made of metal or wood and consists of three important parts – The header part, the footer part and the side rails. Depending on the size of bed, there may have a center support rail. Extra support rail works as feet which bears the load of central portion of the bed so that there occurs no sagging at the middle portion of the bed. Bed frame is a must having product of your bedroom because it holds the mattress and box spring as well as raise your bed for comfortable use. Bed frames decorated with canopies make your bed looks more attractive and add a gorgeous environment to your bedroom.

Depending on the bedroom, you should select your bed frame. Availability of space on the room, color of wall, other furniture etc. are important factors behind selecting your bed frame. If you need to move the bed frame frequently then this is another important factor. But most people place bed in a fixed place of the room and avoid to move. Here we did in-depth research on the available bed frames in the market and based on our research you can buy the best bed frame within your budget.

Different sizes of Bed Frames

Depending on the size of your bedroom you can select the best size which will suit your bedroom most. As the mattress needs to set on the bed frame properly, so you should select both mattress and your bed frame smartly. Here are different sizes of bed :

Mattress Size Chart

Twin Bed :

This is the smallest mattress among all, it is best for one child or one adult. The dimension is approximately 39 in X 74 in. Select this size of bed if your room is too small.

Twin XL Bed :

It is slightly longer in length comparing to that of a Twin Bed. The Approximate dimension is 39 in X 80 in. An adult person can use it without any problem.

Full Bed :

This is known as double mattress, The length of this mattress is similar to Twin bed, but it is wider than Twin XL. Approximate dimension of Full Bed is 54 in X 74 in. This bed is for one adult person, the person can sleep keeping pillows with him and rolling over the bed easily while sleeping.

Queen Bed :

This bed is good for couple who likes to sleep closer. Queen Bed is the most popular bed size which dimension is 60in X 80 in.

King Bed :

Dimension of King Bed is 76 in X 80 in, best for 2 persons with extra spaces on the bed. If you have little child or pet to sleep with you, then this is the best.

California King Bed :

The largest bed available in the market, dimension is 72 in X 84 in. It easily occupies children or pet animals with 2 adult people.

Here is an info-graphic image describing different sizes of Bed

Mattress Sizes

Recommended Bed Frames, Box Springs and Mattress Foundation


Zinus Smartbase Mattress Foundation

The style of room furniture and beds are hanging with the changing times. Now many people live in small apartments and look for space saving furniture. Thus the requirements for free and open storage beds or mattress support have risen over time. When you are looking for a platform bed, without the headboard, footboard, and box spring, and have loads of space beneath for storage, then you may have a look at the Zinus 14 inch Smartbase Mattress foundation. The Zinus 14” mattress foundation is a great support, easy to fit in minutes, and apt for the any mattress type, and allows for 13 inch of clear space beneath.

Ideal replacement for bed frame and box spring

The product is a nice replacement for bed frame and box spring. When you use the Zinus 14 inch Smartbase bed frame hardware, you don’t really need a conventional bed with a headboard and footboard. The flat bed system where the iron made casing is the support for the mattress, is enough to give your memory foam, latex or spring mattress the much required noise free support and a flat base.

14 inch of height from ground with storage space

Furniture with storage is a necessity, and that is why storage beds have always been popular. But this one takes even lesser space than a conventional modular or wooden storage bed. The simple metal iron bed frames give it the sturdy body with sleek bed frame. The mattress base being 14 inch above ground, the bed offers classic 13 inches height of free space below. Read My Full Review.


Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slats

A bed foundation can come in many styles but when you talk of upholstered headboard bed, the conventional idea comes of a king sized wooden bed only. However with changing times and the preference for easy to fit and handle modular beds, upholstered beds are no available in modular setting too. The Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slats is exactly that kind of bed. Here you get a smart platform bed with upholstered headboard, which comes in a sleek and smart packaging. It’s durable and lightweight, easy to install and fold up, and can hold any type of mattress.

All installer items included in zipper guarded upholstered headboard

To fit the bed you need the footboard, headboard and the wooden slats. And these items are all included inside the headboard at the backside of the board and zippered. While uncovering the package, you would see only the headboard. As you open the back zipper, you would find all items neatly arranged inside. You can then take out and install it on your own following simple instructions.

Faux leather made stylish headboard upholstery

The headboard is upholstered, and made from espresso colored faux leather, to bring style and elegance in the design. The style comes at a much low price though, and the packaging is really smart with easy fit options. Read My Full Review.


Zinus Upholstered Button Tufted Platform Bed with Wooden Slats

If you are a fan of upholstered furniture, specially with bed frame parts with it, and are seeking for the unconventional and modern looking white color, then you may buy this online at affordable price. Your search for where to buy bed frames can end at Amazon, where you will get stylish bed frame designs like the Zinus upholstered button tufted platform bed with wooden slats. This one particularly is reviewed to give you clearer picture of what to expect from the modular bed frame which is easy to assemble.

Easy to fit design with zip pouched headboard for storage

Everything is easy about the design. It comes in an easy and sleek packaging. And when you open you may be surprised to find only the white upholstered headboard. However, when you open the zipper at the back of the board, you would find all the items to assemble the mattress so easily arranged inside. You have all the screws and nuts, parts etc to fit the box spring bed. It’s easy to assemble and fold into a storage and good for people who always keep on relocating.

Button tufted upholstered headboard

The headboard has soft button tufted upholstery, and is full white in color. This means you get the most unconventional, trendy, modular and smart look in your low profile box spring king. It comes really smart, posh looking, and at very good price. The king size bed frame with headboard is available in twin, full, queen and king size, at a very affordable lower medium price range. Read My Full Review.


Handy Living Wood Slat Bed Frame Full

While looking for cheap and simple settings for your mattress foundation rather than a conventional bed, you may very well go for the Handy Living Wood Slat Bed Frame Full. This item, which is being sold at Amazon online, comes at quite a cheap and affordable price, and the price and simplicity of design of the bed without the need for extra box spring, is the reason it’s getting attention. The review would tell you why you should go for it if you need a bed frame cheap and easy to fit.

Birch laminated wooden slats

The wooden slats provided with the bed are birch laminated for extra strength, and the width of each slat is 2 inches, which ensures more durability, protection, and high stamina. When you are buying full size box spring bed, you would lie to ensure strength, which can support the mattress with a heavy weight too. Besides the weight of the person using the bed would be added. Thus the slats have to b closely placed, wide enough, and strong. These requirements are fulfilled by the birch laminated slats.

13 inch height from ground for storage down the bed

The bed is a storage helper. It is not bulky and space consuming as the conventional beds are. The sleek and smart design is string with 13 inch of space below it, where you can easily store what you want. Read My Full Review.


Best Price Mattress New Innovated Box Spring Metal Bed Frame

In the modern day apartments, the only thing that is missing is enough space. If you are also struggling with the same and looking for a bedding solution that will offer you more under the bed storage space as compared to the traditional box spring bed, the Best Price complete mattress support system is the best pick for you. This steel made super strong metal bed frame supports the mattress better than any other traditional mattress foundation.

Provides total support to the mattress

With this innovative product, you can do away with the traditional bed frame hardware and the full size box spring beds. The metal bed frame is ideal to support your mattress and prevent it from sagging. It works absolutely fine with almost all types of mattress, bet it memory foam mattress, or inner press mattress.

Hassle free assembly

One of the most striking features of this king metal bed frame is the hassle free assembly which gets completed in matter of few minutes. There is practically no assembling to be done by the user. The unit comes folded in the shipping package. All the user has to do is to pull it out of the package, unfold the unit, extend the legs, and finally tighten the wing nuts to secure them. This entre activity does not require the usage of any tools and can be done with bare hands. The whole process of setting up the metal bed takes nothing more than a couple of minutes. Read My Full Review.


Classic Brands Hercules Platform Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame

If you hate the squeaking noise of box spring beds and are not very confident about the durability of wooden bed frame hardware, the Classic Brands Hercules Platform Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame is the right thing for you. Made of heavy duty metal, this bed frame is the best alternative to the traditional mattress foundation. It also eradicates the need of any box spring and provides impeccable support to mattresses of any type.

Very strong and highly durable

As the Classic Brands Hercules Platform Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame is made of heavy duty metal, it offers excellent strength to the whole bed unit. The metal frame can support all types of mattresses and ensures that the mattresses do not sag in certain areas. It is however best to use it with memory foam or latex mattresses.

Easy assembly

The quad folding technique of this metal bed frame allows it to be shipped in a small package that allows faster delivery. In addition, the folding technique enables the assembling of the king metal bed frame without the use of any tools. The user just needs to unpack the metal frame, unfold it, tighten the wing nuts and it is ready to be used. The maximum time to set up the whole bed unit would be nothing more than 5 minutes. Read My Full Review.


Structures Steelock Super Duty Steel Wedge Lock Metal Bed Frame

Searching for strong and sturdy bed frames can stop when you stumble on the Structures Steelock Super duty Steel Wedge Lock Metal Bed Frame. The frame is a strong and sturdy support in a very low and affordable price range. And the unique feature of the frame is that, with increasing pressure due to heavy weight mattresses on it, the wedge lock connectors get stronger. The model is perfect for fitting a mattress and also fitting any headboard to it. That is why the manufacturer states that it is a sturdiest bed frame available without any box spring.

Strong wedge lock connectors

While looking for a bed frame hardware, the first thing you would look for is a sturdy design. And this one is exactly the same with center support bar, side rails, protective caps and cross arms, and the wedge lock connectors at the four corners of the frame actually gets stronger with increased weight exerted on to it.

Fit any sized headboard to it

The frame construction is down extra wide at the offsets, so that any sized headboard can be fitted to it. This ensures you can make the bed look big and fit any headboard of your choice to make it a full size bed frame with headboard. And you need full size box spring only for the frame. Read My Full Review.


DHP Rose Linen Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed

If you are looking for some contemporary bed frames which will uphold the aesthetic appeal of your modern bedroom, the DHP Rose Linen Tufted Upholstered Platform bed is the right thing for you. Available in various sizes, this padded upholstered bed frame is highly durable and provides impeccable comfort to the users as they enjoy a sound sleep on this bed set.

A treat to the eyes

The bed frame of the platform bed is fully covered with tufted linen which gives it an aristocratic look. The full size bed frame with headboard is fully upholstered which not only adds to the look of the bed, but the thick cushion padding also provides a soft touch to the user. The whole design ensures that the bed makes a wonderful centerpiece item for the modern bedrooms.

Offers great stability

The bed unit comes with metal side rails which makes it more stable and durable. To add to that, central support bar is also made of metal which adds to the stability factor. There are 24 wooden slats to the bed which provides additional support to the mattress and prevents them from sagging. The wooden slats make up for the absence of the box spring. The whole bed unit comes with additional legs which provide added support to the bed frame parts. Read My Full Review.


Instant Foundation Regular Profile Foundation

If you are looking for an affordable box spring, the 8 inch Instant Foundation from Classic Brands is the best choice for you. Made from high quality spruce, the mattress foundation will support and prevent the mattress from sagging, thereby giving you the most comfortable sleep. The easy to assemble foundation will not take anything more than 20 minutes to get ready for use.

Easy and at home assembling

Assembling the mattress foundation is one of the easiest tasks that you can think of. All you have to do is to unpack the items, get the frames assembled and then attach the hardware pieces. Once the frame of the foundation is ready, you would just need to attach the wooden slats, and your 8 Inch Instant foundation box spring is ready to be used. The frame of the foundation can be covered by means of the cover that is included in the package. The drawstrings can be used to secure the foundation frame.

Supports all types of mattresses

With the 8 inch Instant Foundation from Classic Brands, you need not invest additionally on the mattresses, as the king box spring is compatible with all types of mattresses that are available in the market. The presence of the wooden slats and the cover makes the foundation rock solid to support the mattress well and prevent it from getting sagged here and there. This way, the full size box spring enables you for a comfortable night’s sleep which was not possible with sagged mattresses earlier. Read My Full Review.


Lifetime Sleep Products Box Spring Great for Memory Foam Mattress

If you are one of the million admirers of memory foam and were looking for the best box spring for your memory foam mattress, the Lifetime box spring is just the thing that you needed. Although it is designed especially to be used with memory foam mattresses, but it goes equally well with a variety of other types of mattresses that include latex mattresses inner spring mattresses, and pocket coil mattresses just to name a few. Available in four sizes, this box spring will fit into your bed frame easily, thereby giving you the most comfortable sleeping solution that you had always wanted for you and your family.

Ideal for memory foam mattresses

This unit serves as an ideal mattress foundation for memory foam mattresses. There are no springs in the product actually, which makes it ideal to be used with memory foam mattresses. This foundation allows the user to enjoy the many benefits of sleeping on a memory foam mattress that includes even distribution of body weight to relieve the body from body aches. Although it is mostly used with memory foam mattresses, that does not limit the usage of the mattress and box spring as it can be used with multiple types of mattresses as well.

Extra strong wood foundation

Made from high quality wood, this product is ideal for those who look for a sturdy mattress box spring for their homes. The faces of the wooden slabs are smooth as well as easy to grip. The pieces of the woods are fastened by means of staples which ensure better fastening and longer durability. Read My Full Review.


Simple Life Fully Assembled Mattress Box Foundation

If you are tired of those wooden box spring beds, it is time that you bring home Simple Life Fully Assembled Mattress Box Foundation. This mattress foundation allows you to decorate your bedroom the modern way without a bed frame, as it does not require anything but a mattress to provide the best bedding solution to the users. The unit can support the mattresses without causing them to sag. Made from heavy duty steel, the foundation is highly durable and is promised to last for years.

Gets assembled in seconds

If the thought of assembling a mattress foundation horrifies you, this product is the best one that you could get for yourself. There is practically no assembly time with the Simple Life Fully Assembled Mattress Box Foundation, as it gets shipped pre-assembled only. All the user has to do is take the folded foundation out of the packing case, unfold it and it is absolutely ready to be used. The folded flat design of the foundation allows easy carrying of the unit through the stairs and to different rooms.

Highly durable product

The Simple Life Fully Assembled Mattress Box Foundation is made from heavy-duty tubular steel which provides the unit maximum edge firmness. It offers noise free support, thanks to the make and design that has eradicated side sways totally. You will not be annoyed by that wooden mattress and box spring any longer as the unit does not require the low profile box spring any longer. Read My Full Review.


Platform Bed Frame Made in USA Pine Hardwood Walnut Finish 1

The platform bed frame from eLuxurySupply is one of those furniture items which not only promises aesthetic enhancements to the whole living space, but are highly durable as well. Made from solid American Pine wood, this bed frame is designed to withstand a weight of whopping 900 pounds on it. The frame is available in many sizes which can fit in your mattress without any hassle. All you have to do is get the bed frame and put your mattress on it, and you are good to go.

High quality product

With this platform bed, you would not need any box spring or mattress foundation. The product is made in America and uses solid American Pine wood, which gives the product its impeccable durability. The wooden slats are manufactured using 7 layers of pressured pine wood, which adds to the comfort and endurance factor of the bed frame hardware.

Tool free assembly

There is no need to wait for the handyman to arrive at your place to put up the bed frame parts. The striking feature of this particular platform bed is the tool-less assembly which does not take anything more than three to five minutes. The best thing is that you do not need a whole group of family members assisting you with the assembly of the bed. All you have to do is match the parts and snap them into the grooves that are designed to assemble the frame in matter of just a few minutes. Read My Full Review.


Greatime Modern Upholstered Bed Black

When you want to spruce up the décor of your bedroom with upholstered bed, you can plan to do so with the Greatime B1070 Queen Black Contemporary Upholstered Bed. Covered with high quality vinyl, this platform bed hosts the contemporary design that will enhance the aesthetics of the room to a complete new level. The mattress foundation of this bed is ideal for king, queen or California King Mattresses, which makes the bed frame all the more versatile.

Modern looks with curved designs

If your eyes had got tired looking at the rectangular bed frame parts, this modern looking platform bed will soothe them out with its curved designs. The combination of the vinyl covering and the sleek curvature of the bed’s side panels give it the most sophisticated and stylish appearance.

Slats make it easy

With the multiple curved euro slats, you can now bid god bye to the box spring or the boards. The presence of the slats allows flow of air beneath the bed which increases the longevity of the mattress as well. The curved slats also provide excellent back support along with providing better blood circulation, which ensure that the person feels highly rejuvenated in the morning, after a good night’s sleep. Read My Full Review.


Prepac Designer Bed Floating Headboard with Nightstands

If you are looking for a space saving headboard that will fit your bed frame and would provide elegance and class to the bedroom, and at the same time will not hurt your pockets too much, the Prepac EHHK-0520-2K Series 9 Designer Floating Headboard is the product that you should be getting for yourself. This designer headboard that comes with a pair of nightstands does not eat up the floor space, thanks to the floating design of the night stands.

Off the floor design

The Prepac EHHK-0520-2K Series 9 headboard can be adjusted to any height, which is made possible with the innovative hanging rail mounting system. Regardless of the height of the bed, you can now adjust your headboard to make it an ideal match to the bed.

Multi-use night stands

The couple of floor nightstands that come with the headboard provide the ideal surface for the reading light, books, medicines and other handy objects to be placed within the reach. These stands are designed to be hanging on the wall, which leaves the floor space untouched and add to the beauty of the whole unit. The drawers not only provide out-of-sight storage options, but they also operate silently, thanks to the channeled frames. The most striking feature of the night stands is the hidden wire management system. Read My Full Review.