7 Tips to Decorate your Bedroom in Impressive Looks

7 Tips to Decorate your Bedroom in Impressive Looks
Bedroom Decoration

Bedroom is the place where people relax. So the decoration of the bedroom should be such so that it refreshes the mind and give peace of mind as well as relaxation. Depending on the taste and interest the decoration of bedroom may vary from person to person. Here we are going to discuss on 10 important decoration tips which will make your bedroom more attractive.


Bedroom should have enough lighting. If you can use the daylight, it will be best. There should have large windows or ventilators so that sunlight can easily enter into the room. If daylight is not possible for any reason, then use couple of LED lights to keep the room enlighten.

Lighting of Bedroom


The color of wall plays a vital role to detect the comfort level of your bedroom. So we recommend to use a light color that reflects the peace of mind. It is not necessary that the wall color have to be white, it may be light blue, sky blue, light pink, light purple or any other light color. To get more idea about the color of bedroom wall you may visit 50+ Colorful Bedrooms That Will Make You Wake Up Happier.

Wall of Bedroom


Your wall should be decorated with a few colorful paintings. Some spot lights should be focused on the paintings to make them look shiny and attractive. Paintings may include oil paints, printed natural view etc. You may decorate the walls with your own photographs which are properly framed.

Paintings of Bedroom

Curtains and Bed sheet:

Curtains and Bed sheets are like the life of a bedroom, they are the most important part of bedroom. There should have some matching between the color of these two items. Curtains may be made of cloths which are shiny and heavy, on the other hand bed sheets should be made of cotton but the same color. Sometimes people uses contrast color to give the bedroom a new level of beauty, but you have to be an expert to select these contrast colors of curtains and bed sheets.

Curtains and Bed Sheets of Bedroom


I personally suggest to keep as less number of furniture as possible in the bedroom. Too much furniture makes the bedroom looks weighty and it decreases the comfort level. Depending on the size of the bedroom there should have a few furniture arranged on rug. A bed is must with a side table, a little reading table, one wardrobe and a dressing table – nothing more should be placed on a perfect bedroom. The main thing is give your furniture the place so that they can breathe properly.

Furniture of Bedroom


If possible use some woody finishing on the floor of your bedroom. Sometimes people use attractive tiles made of ceramics which is good. You may use a carpet on the floor, but always keep it clear.

Floor of Bedroom

Plants :

Adding some small plants increase the beauty of the bedroom as well as will ensure the better quality of sleep. You may plant Jasmine, Lavender, snake plant, Aloe Vera,  Gardenia, Spider Plant, Valerian etc. To know more about bedroom plants please visit 12 Plants For Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep.

Plants of Bedroom

Keep something on the bedroom that makes you feel better, brings smile on your face and feels comfortable. In modern life people decorate their bedroom keeping an idea on mind that slim is smart. Follow the above mentioned tips and make your bedroom like your heaven.

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