House Plant for a Healthy Life

House Plant for a Healthy Life
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As per studies, most of the city dwellers spend 90% of their time staying indoors. While this definitely save them from being in direct contact with the smoke and dust filled environment outside, it also causes them to have little or no connection with nature or greenery. To bring in some touch of nature in their lives, people keep house plant for a healthy life in their living and working spaces, which not only give them a limited view of greenery, but also bring on several health benefits for them.

Many people do not grow house plant for a healthy life in particular, as all they want is to spruce up the aesthetic appeal of the house with these plants. However, once placed inside the house, these indoor plants will certainly make your living a healthier one.

Provides pure air to breathe

The effect of greenery on controlling pollution is known to everyone. Likewise, a houseplant helps in adding more oxygen in the air and purifying it by trapping the pollutants that exist in the air. While indoor pollution may not be as high as outdoors, but the presence of various chemical pollutant molecules in the air pollutes the indoor air as well. Be it carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene or any other harmful toxin, with houseplants inside the living space, you can get rid of them all easily and enjoy a fresher air to breathe once you get house plants like Bamboo palm, English Ivy or Peace Lily in your house.

House Plant for a Healthy Life

It reduces allergy and skin reactions

As the houseplants absorb most of the chemical pollutants, they lead to lessen the chances of getting allergic reactions. Also, as they make the air devoid of harmful pollutants, the skin gets benefited largely and stays healthy. Other than this, the air purifying feature of houseplants leads to better control over cough and cold, as they are mostly caused by dust and chemical pollutants in the air.

House Plant for a Healthy Life

They act as indicators

How nice it would have been to get an indicator which would raise an alert if pollution level would have been too high? With indoor plants like aloe, you would actually get to understand if the air has become too much polluted as the leaves will develop brown spots with excessive presence of pollutants in the air.

House Plant for a Healthy Life

Reduces stress levels

Looking at green modulates the release of cortisol, the stress hormone in the brain, which keeps stress and anxiety under control. As house plants acts as natural stress busters, many offices prefer keeping them in the positions where they can be viewed by the employees, so that they do no t get stressed at work.  The presence of houseplants also reduces fatigue and keeps the individual in a good mood. Some plants are known as good noise absorbents as well, which means that keeping them inside the house will provide more tranquility and will let the mind stay at peace.

House Plant for a Healthy Life

Finally house plant for a healthy life

These are the reasons why you need to have house plant for a healthy life. They will not only serve as a treat to the eyes, but will also help in keeping the doctors away from you and your family for a considerable longer period of time.

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