Metal Bed Frame – Pros and Cons

Metal Bed Frame - Pros and Cons
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Bed is the most important piece of furniture when it comes to your bedroom. While you are about to choose the bed as per your room decor you will always look for something that is sturdy and goes well with your interior. There are a lot of options but the most common ones now are the metal bed frame.

Using a metal bed frame has its own pros and cons but once you find a metal bed frame fit for your room you’ll not look for anything else. If you want to learn about the various pros and cons of metal bed frames, you need to read on till the end.

Metal Bed Frame

Pros of Metal bed frame

First of all let’s find out the advantages of using a metal bed frame over any other type of bed frame, especially wooden bed frame.

  • The first advantage of using a metal bed frame is that it needs very less maintenance. Compared to a wooden bed frame they are more durable and you can use them for long without worrying about the condition of the metal bed frame. Metal is not damaged by insects or pest and hence it requires little maintenance.

  • A metal can be molded into different shapes and hence you will get metal bed frame that has elegant head board and lovely foot board. It always adds to the aesthetic value of your room. There are metal bed frame that are made up of wrought iron to give a classic look and some of other metals to provide a contemporary look. You can choose any one that serves your purpose.

  • Metal beds frames are more versatile than any other bed frame. You will get them in different designs, colors and finish and have something that will go best with the decor of your bed room.

  • Mostly metal bed frames are solid and tough and they can withstand any amount of weight. You can use them for years as they are very durable.

  • They are also a good choice for making the bed frame of your kid’s as you can paint them of any color, whether its pink, red or blue.

Cons of metal bed frame

It’s true that metal bed frame are great but it has certain disadvantages too. Let’s find out

  • It is true that metal bed frame are very strong but this strength depends upon the welding quality of the frame. If by any chance it is not good then your bed may not last long.

  • Metal is highly affected by temperature and hence you may face certain problem with your bed unless you have a temperature control system in the bedroom.

  • While they are sturdy, but the extra weight of the metal bed frames could cause the owners face problems when it comes to home shifting or renovating the house.

  • Metal bed frame are good choice but they do not provide that elegance to the rooms that a wooden bed frame will.

Metal Bed Frame

Although there are certain flip sides to it, but looking at the longer list of pros, it certainly makes sense to use metal beds in bedrooms.

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