Get Relaxing Sleeps With The Best Sleeping Positions

Get Relaxing Sleeps With The Best Sleeping Positions
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Did you know that sleeping positions play a direct role in the quality of sleep and overall health and well-being of the individual? People sleep in many positions, which include lying flat on the back, or with their face buried in the pillow. While some of these sleeping positions are really harmful for the body’s musculoskeletal system, some of them bring on several goodness as well.  Here is the list of the best sleeping positions which will ensure a refreshing sleep and fresh mind and healthy body.

Best Sleeping Positions

Best Sleeping Positions – Sleeping on your back

Talking of best sleeping positions, the first position that needs to be mentioned is sleeping on the back with the arms on your side. This position allows the spine, shoulder, neck and the head to be in a neutral position and natural alignment. Sleeping on the back helps in fighting acid reflux. With the esophagus at a higher level than the stomach, there is no chance of the food to come back up, which would cause it to get digested properly. The only flip side of this position is that the individual might snore, which could cause disturbance for the partner on the bed.

While sleeping on the back, many people tend to raise their arms up, taking the starfish position. While the other benefits of lying on the back would still be there, the stretched arms could cause a pain on the shoulder area.

Best Sleeping Positions Sleeping on your back

Best Sleeping Positions – Sleeping on your side

If you have a tendency to snore, suffering from neck or back pain, or you are pregnant, sleeping on your side is on the best sleeping positions for you. Sleeping on the side elongates the spine, which helps alleviating back pain. Along with that, this sleeping position helps the spleen function well, reduce chances of heartburns, improves the functionality of the lymphatic system and improves the health of the circulatory system as well. If you are pregnant, you should sleep more on your left side as that will improve the blood flow to the fetus. Even for others, sleeping on the left side is better than sleeping on the right side can cause severe heart-burns at times.

Best Sleeping Positions Sleeping on your side

If you sleep on the side with the arms kept parallel to the body that is the log position you are in. This position helps the spine keep straight and the muscles relaxed, thereby giving you a refreshing night’s sleep. The yearner position, where the arms are extended out in front while sleeping on the side, could cause problem to the partner as they might get disturbed with the extended arms. Other than this, there is no additional challenge with the Yearner position.

Positions to be avoided while sleeping

There are number of positions which should be completely avoided while you sleep. Lying on your stomach, or keeping the knees folded towards the chest (fetus position) while sleeping are very damaging in nature, Sleeping on the stomach goes against the natural curve of the spine, and could cause severe back pain. While the fetus position may sound to be a very cozy one, but in reality it could cause severe strains on the beck and joints of the body. For women, this position could lead to sagging breasts as well.

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