Best Camping Mattress for Quality & Sound Sleep

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Planning on going camping this spring?

Camping is fun. But without essential camping gear, it will turn into a hellish experience. That’s why serious campers make sure they have all the stuff they need.

A camping mattress is one of the camping supplies you must have! Moreover, not just a camping mattress; you want a useful one, right?

As thrilling as a camping experience can be, it can be challenging too. Considering that, you need a goodnight sleep to enjoy camping.

And, to have a proper sleep, you need a good mattress. Here you will find the 5 best camping mattress on the market.

Our Top 3 Picks

Best by Price

Therm-a-Rest Self-Inflating Camping Mattress

Best by Features

POWERLIX Lightweight Camping Mattress

Best by Service

Clostnature Compact & Ultralight Camping Mattress

Speaking of the market, there are unlimited options? And, you would lose your mind to selecting one. Worry not, I have the best sleeping mattress for camping.

In the discussion, you will learn about the camping mattresses, their main features, and reasons to like them.

In addition, I will talk about the downsides of the mattresses. So, you can compare and select the most suitable one for the next camping plan.

5 Best Camping Mattresses at a Glance

Before you start learning about the products in detail, look at the table below. This table will help you know the significant aspects of all the mattresses on my list.

Product Name



Latest Price


  • Dimension: 78.74" x 25.2"

  • Material : Polyester

  • Water resistant: Yes

  • Weight: 4.5 lbs


  • Dimension: 74.8" x 22.8"

  • Material : Nylon

  • Water resistant: Yes

  • Weight: 1.32 lbs


  • Dimension: 63" x 2"

  • Material : Memory foam

  • Water resistant: Yes

  • Weight: 3 lbs


  • Dimension: 72" x 23"

  • Material : Polyester

  • Water resistant: Yes

  • Weight: 1 lbs


  • Dimension: 25" x 14"

  • Material : Synthetic

  • Water resistant: No

  • Weight: No

5 Best Camping Mattress to Buy

Now, I will start with the main discussion. Besides, just knowing the type and dimension of the mattress is not enough to decide which one you really need. Let’s start with the first camping mattress.

Therm-a-Rest Self-Inflating Camping Mattress

Key features

You see, this product is at the top of my list because it is the best camping mattress. You don’t have to take my words for it. Once you go through all the details given here about the product, you will see why it’s the first one.

Want to get the feel of home while camping? Then this is the product you need. Besides, you might prefer the luxurious style of camping. In that case, this foam will be an excellent choice.

For making the mattress, they have used the latest technology. For instance, they have used consistent layers of thermal foam. That foam will be put between the changed ridges of foam and air.

On top of that, the mattress is made in the USA. And the finest materials have been used to make this mattress. That’s why the quality is reliable.

Furthermore, it’s easy to pack. So, you can put the uninflated mattress back quickly in the carry pack and leave a campsite faster!

The upper materials are super comfy because of the finest knit fabrics. So, you can rest properly and enjoy the view of the stars to the fullest.

Moreover, the mattress will inflate superfast with the help of valves. Those valves are one of the most advanced valves available.

Reasons to like it


POWERLIX Lightweight Camping Mattress

Key features

Got a bad back? Then you should check this product. The hexagonal design on its exterior will support your back evenly. The hexagons will ensure extended support for all the body joints.

It’s very common to experience back pain camping. If you choose this mattress, there is no way you are getting any sort of aches. In fact, you will be resting so perfectly the existing aches will be relieved.

Another aspect of this mattress is its lightweight and compact design. It weighs like a 600ml water bottle only.

So, you can easily carry it in your camping bag pack. And it won’t add much weight to the baggage. So, we can say that it’s the best camping mattress for a bad back.

There is more to it! The mattress will inflate ultra-rapidly thanks to its dual-action technology. Meaning, the air will be getting at double speed. Also, the valves are tightly installed. They clamp the air pipe out and out.

Furthermore, don’t think it deceives you with its fancy look. It’s a durable mattress made from higher-grade Nylon. Nylon contains heat, so you will be warm all night.

In addition, the insulation is top-notch. So there is no way you will feel cold.

Reasons to like it


Clostnature Compact & Ultralight Camping Mattress

Key features

It’s genuinely a self-inflating mattress. The products manufacturers say the same, but those mattresses can self-inflate entirely.

But, it takes a little longer to deflate. As a result, if you are in a hurry to move from the camping site, you won’t be able to do that. If you have enough time, deflating time won’t be a problem.

Yet, I will say the compression is overall easy. And, it’s portable too. However, you can fold it like the previous two mattresses. But, there are 3 straps confirming the easy and fast compression.

Reasons to like it


Klymit Lightweight Camping Mattress

Key features

You see, we all sleep differently. No matter how you sleep, this mattress will provide the best kind of support and comfort.

This camping mattress has a special design. And that will support all the parts of your body equally.

Besides, the design has another special purpose. You could move a lot while sleeping. Don’t feel attacked. You are not the only one in this case. Anyway, this mattress will keep you in the center even if you are a sleeper who moves a lot.

This mattress has been made considering the temperature of 4 seasons. Most importantly, this mattress will help you the best during the coldest season.

The secret behind its prevention of heat loss is- synthetic insulation. This particular insulation ensures that the mattress doesn’t lose heat. Moreover, this technology is capable of limiting air movement. As a result, you will be in the center always.

Other than these, using the mattress is easy. It’s lightweight. So, carrying the mattress is convenient. In addition, it comes with a stuff sack. Further, you can inflate the mattress faster with its tight valve.

Reasons to like it


Coleman Quickbed Camping Mattress

Key features

This is the last one on my list. And it is the best camping air mattress for couples. The construction of the mattress is iconic, even if it looks really simple.

They have put in extra effort to make this mattress. For instance, there is a coil construction inside the mattress. This arrangement ensures better support on all sides. Also, this technology prevents bulging. As a result, you get to sleep on a plain surface.

And, not just the plain surface, the material on the surface is comfortable top. The surface is made with plush fabric, giving a velvet-like warmth and comfort once you lie down on the mattress.

In addition, they have put in an extra effort not to lose air. The valves of the mattress have double locks. The first lock is there to hold the air. And the second lock will be there to keep the air while you sleep.

Moreover, these mattresses are marketed only after they are thoroughly air-leak tested. Let’s check its main feature now.

Reasons to like it


How to Store Your Camping Mattress?

Many users end up buying mattresses every camping season just because they don’t store them properly. If you want to save the expense too, check the details below. You will know how to take care of a camping mattress.

Before starting with the main discussion, know that- it will be divided into two sections.

Storing an inflatable camping pad

I will start with camping pads. If you buy sleeping pads instead of inflatable ones, these suggestions will come in handy.

Step 1: Clean the pad

You need to clean the sleeping pad. Many users don’t think that it’s necessary. But, you will be placing the pad on the ground or in the car.

Dust and stains will inevitably get stuck on the outer surface. Moreover, our natural body oil and sweat will stain the fabric.

Also, the mattress can stink. Would you like to take the mattress for the next camping? I don’t think so. In addition, if you keep a sleeping pad unclean for a long time, the materials degrade. Consequently, longevity will be compromised. In the end, you have to buy another one!

That’s why cleaning the sleeping pad after getting back from camping is a must. What do you use for cleaning? You can use industrial cleaning sprays or degreaser.

First, spray the cleaning liquids all over the sleeping pad. Next, wipe the liquid with a piece of a soft cloth. Finally, you rinse the pad thoroughly with normal temperature water.

Step 2: Fix the pad (Optional)

The pad might or might not need any fixing. However, it’s common to have some apertures on the surface.

A simple yet strong adhesive tape will help a big deal to restore the sleeping pad. And, you won’t have to spend on another camping mattress.

Step 3: Storing the sleeping pad

You must keep the valves open. And, do not keep anything on the top of the pad. Simply store it separately. If not so, the pad won’t perform the same as the first time.

What about storing sleeping bags, blankets, and quilts?

The process is the same, but there is one extra step for taking care of sleeping bags, blankets, and quilts. First, you clean them properly. Sleeping bags, blankets, and quilts come in a bag, right?

So, the final step for them is to put them in the bag. Once again, keep the bag separately. Meaning, don’t keep other things on top of them. Otherwise, all your effort will be down the drain.

Why Doesn’t a Self-inflating Mattress Self-Inflate?

This is a curious inquiry. Basically, it’s every camper’s question. Generally, a newly purchased self-inflatable mattress seems to have this issue.

Reason 1

As the mattress stayed folded for quite a long time after the packaging, it takes extra effort for you to inflate the mattress.

Reason 2

On the other hand, you might have put other stuff on top of the mattress baggage. The weight of the other items can prevent an inflatable mattress from acting weird.

Another important aspect I need you to know. Usually, many self-inflatable mattresses never inflate by themselves all the way.

I guess it’s on the manufacturer. If you use better technology, the mattresses will certainly inflate by themselves.

Concluding Remarks

I am done here talking about camping mattresses and letting you know the extra details about them. The mattresses I have on the list are popular among campers.

I hope you get to choose one from the list. Just make sure you select one that is weather-resistant, strongly built, comfy, and keeps you warm in the coldest season.


Now, I will answer some queries related to camping mattresses. They might be helpful to you. Check them below.

How do you use a camping mattress?

It depends on what kind of mattress you are using. There are various kinds of sleeping arrangements in camps, such as a sleeping pad, bag, quilt, and inflatable mattress. To use a sleeping pad, you can simply unfold them. Then you through them on the ground or inside your car.

For a sleeping bag and quilts, you take them out from the baggage and get inside the bag or the quilt. If you have an inflatable mattress, you need to inflate them with air first. Next, you seal the opening properly. Finally, you place it on a favorable surface and rest on it.

Do I need a mattress when camping?

Yes, it is a must. Quilt and sleeping bags won’t be suitable for all weather. Going for a mattress will be the safer option. It’s recommended by people who go camping regularly.

If you don’t get to rest well, you won’t enjoy camping either. Also, you might fall sick from getting in contact with the cold from the ground.

How thick should a camping mattress be?

The ideal thickness is 100mm. This thickness is practical for carrying weight. And the thickness helps the mattress not to lose heat.

Can I put two air mattresses on top of each other?

Yes, you can place two air mattresses on top of each other. But, the air mattresses should have the same design. Otherwise, they might not stay put together once you lie on them.

What kinds of camping mattresses are there?

Basically, there are 3 kinds of camping mattresses. Such as air mattresses, closed foam mattresses, self-inflating mattresses. Air mattresses are lightweight, compact, comfortable, and there is an option for insulating them separately.

On the other hand, closer foam mattresses are also lightweight but inexpensive. Unlike air mattresses, they have preset insulation.

And finally, self-inflating mattresses are comfortable too. Moreover, they have the best insulation. And strong materials are used to make these mattresses.

What is R-value?

R-value is a number that indicates the resistance of a mattress to heat flow via materials of a camping mattress. The higher the R-value, the better the resistance of the materials of a mattress.

Simply, the mattresses with higher R-value a mattress will have superior insulation. In winter, you will need a camping mattress with a higher R-value.

What should I consider before buying a camping mattress?

You must consider 5 things. These are the R-value, the type of insulation, mattress dimension, weight, inflation, and deflation of a mattress.