How to Stabilize a Metal Bed Frame?

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A good night’s sleep! Everyone wants it.

After all, the peace and happiness of a good night of sleep is something that you simply compare with anything.

But do you know the quality of your sleep depends to a great extent on the bed, particularly the bed frame? And how can we forget the mattress? They must be in a pretty good condition as well. 

If not, your peaceful sleep will turn into a disturbed night full of restlessness.

So, if you occasionally start hearing squeak noise coming from your metal bed frame, understand you need to stabilize it as soon as possible.

In the following article, we will give tips and solutions for how to stabilize a metal bed frame, what to do if the frame is broken, and lastly, how to fix the metal bed slat. 

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How to Stabilize a Metal Bed Frame? [4 Useful Tips]

Fixing a wobbly metal frame is a much needed work to do. From offering your family members the extra support they need to increase their tolerance level, they can simply do wonders!

So, how to stabilize it?

Below is a list of some of the most effective ways to make a metal bed frame stronger and more stable:

Tighten Every Screws, Bolts, and Pins

This first tip may seem a bit obvious and self-evident. But you will be surprised to know the number of people that completely dismiss this thing while reinforcing their metal bed frames. 

In fact, the stronger the bed, the more tightly the screws, pins, and bolts must be made. Otherwise, chances are high that they will become loose, ultimately leading to the wear and tear of the bed frame.

After all, these screws, bolts, and pins work as the basis of holding up the frame in the correct format. Hence, there is just no alternative but to tighten things up properly. 

Tightening up the screws, bolts, and pins may seem like an easy task, but in reality, most of the people even don’t know where to start from. 

Well, it’s normal not to know! Here are some key guidelines that you can follow to tighten them up: 

  • Remove any kind of decorative items like the mattress, pillow, or box spring (if any)
  • Check for the bolts, screws, or pins by turning the bed frames in an inverted position and over each joint.
  • Next up, take up the screwdriver and tighten each fastener as much as possible. In case your bed frame is old, it’s better to purchase some new screws or bolts than use up the old ones. As with time, these things get weakened, and become less efficient in holding up and keeping the bed frame standing stronger. 

Add Slats 

One of the proven and most effective ways to turn a regular bed frame into a sturdy one is adding extra slats in between the bed frame. 

From offering extra support to lessening the strain from the existing bed frames whenever pressure is applied, they can simply do wonders. 

You can purchase these slats from any hardware or online store. They are available in a wide range in both kinds of the stores.

However, one crucial point to note, before purchasing the slat, make sure to know the bed frame’s width so you can pick the right size.

So, where to put the slats?

Well, the most suitable place to add slats is across the platform that holds up the mattress. If you already have a few slats screwed into that space, then in that case, what you can do is add more into those gaps or simply remove those old and worn slats with newer ones. 

Compared to the wooden ones, the metal slats are found to be more robust and powerful. So, if your current bed frame is wooden, it can be a pretty good idea to swap them up with metal slats. 

Moving on, do you know how to add slats to the metal bed frame? 

Here’s to how: 

  • As the first step, you will require the drill machine to make some extra holes into your bed frame so you can easily crew the new slats in place. 
  • Make sure to buy the new slats in the exact size range. Otherwise, if they are of the wrong size, they will not stick up in comparison to the current slats, eventually making the bed super uncomfortable to sleep on. 
  • After making the holes and buying the correct size slats, your next task is to just place each of the slats in the proper location and screw them up tightly into place. 

Get a New Support Beam

If you look under your metal bed frame, you will see a support beam, placed in the central position of the bed. These beams’ job is basically to prevent the central part of the bed from sinking in and to offer additional support for the slats. 

In fact, you will be surprised to know that these support beams have a direct connection with the bed stability. As when they start weakening and cannot offer any extra support, the bed also shows signs of instability in just a matter of time. 

Hence, the smartest move is to replace these old and existing support beams with the newer ones, when weakened. You can easily purchase these support beams from any furniture or hardware shop. Along with the support beam, you will also require to buy new legs, as they greatly contribute to increasing the power of the core support. 

You can follow the below steps mentioned below to replace your support beams: 

  • First things come first, remove the existing support beam 
  • Take the measurement of the support beams; it will help you to find out the exact size to purchase.
  • In case your previous support bream comes with a low-quality material, the best solution is to replace them with a high-quality one. After all, the performance and experience a good quality one can give are nowhere close to a poor-quality support beam. They are definitely worth every penny. 
  • Lastly, when you have your new beams ready, simply hook up the new support beams with the existing screw holes and secure them into place. 

Buy a New Metal Bed Frame 

Though strengthening your existing metal bed frame is a great way to save up some money, sometimes, investing in a new frame is not a bad deal at all! 

In fact, in most of the cases, buying the new frame is way more of a good deal.

Among the varied options available on the market, always pick a heavy-duty pallet.  From durability to comfort level, and extra support–they can work the best!

One of the very reasons for being this level of good is because they are built particularly for commercial usage. And instead of using conventional metal bed frames, they are composed of heavier and stricter materials to keep them sturdy and durable for a long span of time. 

What to Do If Your Metal Bed Frame is Broken?

From supporting the weight of the mattress to you, your partner, and your children–the bed frame suffers numerous kinds of weight pressure throughout its lifespan when in use.

Most of the children have the habit of jumping on the bed for fun without considering the pressure on the bed frame.

After all, how could they? As children, everyone has the habit of jumping and playing on the bed.

As the famous proverb goes by, Nothing lasts forever; no matter how good in quality the bed frame is, it will ultimately break over a certain amount of time.

Most of the people throw away the frame once it is broken, thinking it is a total waste. Little did they know, there are 2 convenient tips following which you can still fix and make it stronger than ever.

Let’s see how:


Metal bed frames with legs are available in various height ranges. And the legs that are not durable are unable to support any weight of the body, and the mattresses are placed above. For this very reason, while buying this type of bed frame, you must always pick a sturdy one. 

This must be strong enough to endure at least the weight of two grown-ups and, most likely, one or two children.

Moving on, if the bed frame has a broken leg, how to resolve it? Well, follow the below steps as mentioned: 

  • Find out from where the squeaky sounds are coming from, and then check out the box spring and the frame connectors. 
  • Use a books stack to provide support to the broken metal bed frame section. So it can evenly distribute the weight over the pallet structure throughout all the angles. 
  • Next up, weld the broken leg yourself, only if you have all the essential tools and equipment along with a good knowledge of welding. Otherwise, contact an experienced welder to fix it. 

The welded leg is typically not as strong as the other components. However, you can always get suggestions from the welder on making it stronger or a piece of the frame to avoid causing any further damages. 

Besides, getting a new leg or adding in a second one near the welded piece is a good solution in such situations.

Using a Wooden Piece

Welding can be pretty expensive. However, the good news is you have got an alternative. 

Hence, if welding is not your way, you can always opt for other options for repairing the damaged bed leg. 

One of the popular ways is using a wood piece. You can easily find the common wood crossbars from any hardware store. They are reasonably pierced and can be used in conjunction with or in between the metal bed frame to stabilize it. 

Compared to the welding, it is a pretty easy task to do. Here’s to how: 

  • As a first step, cut down a wooden piece. But while cutting it, make sure to keep the height as same as the broken leg.
  • Keep the hardwood at least 40 millimeters in square. Always remember, the broader the timber, the more stable it becomes.
  • Next up, lay the cut timber piece on the jar’s lid. Make sure that these cut hardwood pipes stay 3 in number for more substantial support. 
  • Lastly, set the remaining cut timber pieces underneath the bed, whenever you find it appropriate.

How to Fix a Metal Bed Slat?

Slats, they are specifically designed to support the base of the mattress or the metal bed frame. They can ideally offer support for any kind of mattress and weight of the body. Plus, they prevent the mattress from sinking in through even distribution of the body weight. 

However, as like the legs, slats also have a threshold capacity to endure. Though damages to the slats are almost a rare instance, but we shouldn’t forget nothing stays forever. 

So, in case you have broken slats, you can ideally fix them just by sparing some time. 

These are things you can follow to fix your metal bed slats:

Removing the Mattress

The first thing you must do is remove the mattress from the bed frame. Lay up the mattress in another room to ensure it doesn’t come in the way of repairing the broken slat. 

So, for checking the frame, consider placing aside the box spring and the mattress from the frame to stabilize it. 

Checking the Slat 

Before going to repair the crack, make sure to conduct a proper inspection on the magnitude of the damage. Bend sturdy metal with a rubber mallet after viewing the damage and issues. 

Preparing the Metal Brackets 

Here, welding is not required, but you must prepare the metal brackets and must pick the straight and strong ones. Plus, check whether they are free of rust and corrosion as well. 

Most of the metal brackets come with a protective layer on the surfaces to prevent scratches from developing. All these variables work altogether to make the bracket more powerful and appealing. One key point to note, the metal brace size must not exceed the slat’s width, no matter what.

Drilling a Hole in the Metal Slat

Next up, try to avoid drilling any or making more holes in the slat. As one spot is enough on each side for the screw to get through. 

Hence, start mounting these metal brackets in the slat and then highlight the areas where you want to drill. Once you are done making the marks, start the drilling process. 

Make the holes only using a drill. It is more convenient, and in this way, you will avoid affecting or weakening the slat anyway.

Fixing the Brackets in Place

The function of the brackets is basically to connect the two halves of the fractured metal slat. They can do a pretty good job when it comes to brackets securing. Hence, after the drilling, don’t forget to fasten the brackets to the slats.

Adding a Leg to Provide Support

Metal brackets can do a pretty good job of keeping the fractured slats altogether. However, even after installing the metal brackets, the slat will still require some extra support. 

So, how to know it? 

Conduct a thorough inspection of all the brackets and see whether they can endure the mattress and the body’s weight. If the answer is yes, you will not require a support leg. But if it’s no, using a support leg is compulsory.

Final Thoughts 

That’s all from the detailed discussion regarding “How to stabilize a metal bed frame?”

All the above-mentioned tips are pretty useful and, if done properly, can make your metal more stable and stronger than ever. 

Hopefully, this blog will be a helpful one for you. Thanks for reading!


Why Does My Metal Bed Frame Squeak?

The moment the joints are moved, the pallet squeaks. That is, the squeaking is mainly caused by the metal details getting rubbed on each other. One of the very reasons for these squeaks happens when the screws, bolts, or pins are not tightened properly during the assembly.

How Do You Fix a Shaky Metal Bed?

To stabilize your metal bed frame, simply tighten the screws, bolts, and pins of the bed frame, replace the central beam support, add slats and lastly, install an L-shaped legs bracket or add in some extra support beams adjacent to the central one.

How to Stop Metal Bed Frames from Shaking?

While using the metal bed frame, you must have observed that they shake. However, by following some techniques, you can quite conveniently solve these lousy issues. They include: tightening the joints, lubricating them, and lastly, cushioning the frame.

Can You Put Plywood on Top of the Slats?

Of course! In fact, whenever the mattress gets indented, placing plywood on the top of the slats is a pretty good way to avoid this problem.