Greatime Black Contemporary Upholstered Bed

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4.7/5 on June 7, 2016

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When you want to spruce up the décor of your bedroom with upholstered bed, you can plan to do so with the Greatime B1070 Queen Black Contemporary Upholstered Bed. Covered with high quality vinyl, this platform bed hosts the contemporary design that will enhance the aesthetics of the room to a complete new level. The mattress foundation of this bed is ideal for king, queen or California King Mattresses, which makes the bed frame all the more versatile.

Modern looks with curved designs

If your eyes had got tired looking at the rectangular bed frame parts, this modern looking platform bed will soothe them out with its curved designs. The combination of the vinyl covering and the sleek curvature of the bed’s side panels give it the most sophisticated and stylish appearance.

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Slats make it easy

With the multiple curved euro slats, you can now bid god bye to the box spring or the boards. The presence of the slats allows flow of air beneath the bed which increases the longevity of the mattress as well. The curved slats also provide excellent back support along with providing better blood circulation, which ensure that the person feels highly rejuvenated in the morning, after a good night’s sleep.

Product features

Apart from the modern looks, the Greatime B1070 Queen Black Contemporary Upholstered Bed also has many other attractive features. These features are as follows.

  • The bed is covered with high quality vinyl which gives a soft touch to feel
  • Comes with a number of curved euro slats. The number of slats depends on the size of the bed.
  • Available in four sizes – full, king, queen, California king
  • Stylish looking headboard that is an integrated part of the bed frame hardware.
  • Vinyl covered headboard
  • Interior dimensions of the bed frame is 76×80
  • Ideal platform bed for people who want furniture with modern look to brighten up the décor of the bedroom.
  • Available in many colors

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Voice of users

No product is worth consideration without the user reviews. The same goes for this modern look platform bed as well. While most of the users of this stylish and elegant full size bed frame with headboard have nothing negative to say about this unit, there are some who have faced minor issues. Some users have not liked the concept of using slats instead of boards or spring boxes, but if they would have been aware of the many benefits of the curved slats, they would have changed their opinion for sure.

The most common user feedback about the Greatime B1070 Queen Black Contemporary Upholstered Bed was about its modern looks. Users also spoke positive about the assembly time of the unit which was nothing more than an hour if done the right way. The quality of the faux leather is also being appreciated by a number of users, who feel it to be as good as genuine leather.


If you had been wondering about where to buy bed frames, you can make your easy choice and opt for this one. It can be said without any doubt that the kids will certainly love its soft vinyl touch and the guests will admire the beauty and appeal of the unit. It is wise to seek professional help to assemble the bed frame, as it contains many small parts and might take a long time if tried to be done all by yourself. All in all, this unit is an ideal buy for people who want to match the furniture of their rooms to emulate their personalities.

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