Best Full Size Bed Frames of 2023

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Want to experience a peaceful night’s sleep every day? Obviously, right!

Well, for that, you must buy the best full size bed frame for yourself that will go perfectly with your budget, space, and interior decorations. The dimensions of a standard full-size bed are 53″ broad by 75″ long, so you may estimate that a full-size bed frame will be a few inches wider and longer.

Next up comes different brands with their unique and exclusive design products to increase the dilemma.

Now, given the circumstances, it is definitely a tough call. However, with this article in hand, all your stresses will come to an end as you will finally know which one to go for.

Just have some patience and go through the article to find your desired bed frame.

Our Top 3 Picks

Best by Price

ZINUS Korey Metal Platform Bed Frame with Upholstered Headboard

Best by Features

Giantex Deluxe Solid Wood Platform Bed with Headboard & Footboard

Best by Service

Mecor Faux Leather Platform Bed Frame / Upholstered Panel Bed

List of 5 Best Full Size Bed Frames of 2023

After much analysis and research, I have made this top full size bed frame list along with some of my friends. 

All of them are extremely good from their angles. They are also available in the market, so rest assured and choose your desired product after going through the reviews.

Check them out:

Product Name


Latest Price

ZINUS Korey Metal Platform Bed Frame with Upholstered Headboard

Giantex Deluxe Solid Wood Platform Bed with Headboard & Footboard

Mecor Faux Leather Platform Bed Frame / Upholstered Panel Bed Full Size

VECELO Full Size Bed Frame Metal Platform Mattress Foundation

Simple Houseware 14-Inch Full Size Mattress Foundation Platform Bed Frame

Reviews of 5 Best Full Size Bed Frames of 2023

This part contains a detailed description of the top full size bed frames. Each of them is truly one of a kind that is worthy of appraisal.

Can’t wait anymore to get familiar with these awesome bed frames?

Okay, let’s get started:

1. ZINUS Korey Metal Platform Bed Frame with Upholstered Headboard [Overall Best]

Product Details

My top pick is certainly Zinus Korey Metal Platform Bed Frame. And why not?

When it comes to a perfect combination of luxury and elegant design that too available at a reasonable price, then nothing can beat this frame, in my opinion.

To increase the comfort level, it has included a padded headboard. This inclusion offers an additional soft touch to the bed frame, which ultimately gives the bedroom a more personal vibe.

Any age of people, small, young teens or even adults, can use this bed frame to enjoy the ultimate relaxation.

This frame is just not stylish in looking but comes with plenty of clearance space underneath the bed. As a result, you will get tons of space for stashing anything you want to get rid of your way, such as bins or any extra bedding.

Featuring a strong steel frame, wooden slats, and an upholstered headboard, this bed frame is sturdy enough to last for a decade, giving the same experience and service. Besides, they are so elegantly designed that it is hard not to fall in love with them.

The wooden slat base offers support for any kind of mattress that too without any box spring. They are constructed in a special way to ensure that your mattress doesn’t get sagged in between them.

The whole bed is smartly packed and neatly fitted into one convenient box that is super easy to unpack. Lastly, you get to enjoy 5 years of worry-free limited warranty with this bed frame.


  • Reliable wood slats
  • Grey foam cushioned upholstered headboard

What Are Customers Saying?

Every customer simply loves using this product in their daily life. And have said that it is one hell of a bed frame that no one will regret buying.

However, some people have complained that it tends to squeak upon movement. So, if you consider buying it, then you may also face a similar issue.



Recommended For

If you are looking for a high-quality, stylish bed frame that will give you the ultimate comfort and relaxation while sleeping without crossing your budget, then, without any second doubt, this is the one to go for.

2. Giantex Deluxe Solid Wood Platform Bed with Headboard & Footboard [Best Wood Full Size Bed Frame]

Product Details

Here’s my next pick on the bed frame from the brand Giantex. The product is Giantex Deluxe Solid Wood Platform Bed. Whether be its elegant look or durability, they are just, in a word, amazing.

What makes this bed frame more special is its affordability; anyone with a limited budget can buy this full size bed frame without having to worry about anything.

To make things more convenient for you, it comes with a large under-bed storage space. So you can use this additional space for keeping things underneath the bed. As a result, a lot of space gets saved up.

How cool is that!

Another noteworthy feature of this product is each part of it is tightly held together, that too without needing any spring box. Hence, you can have a peaceful night without worrying about any kind of noise or movement. 

One thing you have to keep a note about this bed frame to ensure the best sleep every night is to find out the right size mattress.

Featuring a headboard and footboard with a wood strip design, it gives a completely modern look to your room that you will simply adore. The coffee-colored design easily gets matched up to any furniture flawlessly, increasing the room’s beauty.

You can easily assemble this thing within a few minutes all by yourself or by taking someone’s help. Besides, it is super easy to clean and maintain. All credit goes to its firm and smooth surface, making it super convenient to use!


  • 6 sturdy support legs and 8 slats 
  • Large Under-bed Storage
  • Adamant Wood Construction
  • Ergonomics Design

What Are Customers Saying?

Tons of the customers have expressed their satisfaction awards this product, especially due to its ergonomic design, heavy-duty construction, stylish attire, and many more. In contrast, some have shown high dissatisfaction regarding the quality of the slats.



Recommended For

If you are more into antique espresso and want a heavy-duty bed frame that will beautify your room with its elegance, this is undoubtedly the one to go for.

3. Mecor Faux Leather Platform Bed Frame [Best Stylish Full Size Bed Frame]

Product Details

Looking for a chic and stylish bed frame but afraid of the budget? Well, no worries, as this bed frame from Mecor comes with all the essential things to make your dream come true.

In fact, this frame is so cool from all angles that you just need to add a mattress, and you are all done. You can also use the comforter if you want to, but keep in mind that with the inclusion of it, the graceful leather-look footboard will get covered.

Now for the construction, this bed frame is made using high quality and sturdy metal materials to make sure that it can withstand all kinds of strain.

No matter how much you have the habit of moving while sleeping, this frame will handle everything with perfection. So you get a good night of sleep after passing a hectic day.

Here, you will not need any box springs. Instead, you can directly place the mattress directly on the wooden slats, and you will be all set to go.

It is extremely easy to assemble and will take less than an hour to set the bed frame completely. All the essential parts, tools, and instructions are neatly placed in the zippered compartment of the headboard.

So you can find them easily and begin your work without the hassle of searching for things here and there as everything will be within your reach. A perfect bed frame to meet your family’s needs!


  • Nailhead Trim Design
  • Sturdy Metal Structure
  • No Box Spring Needed
  • Strong Wooden Slats

What Are Customers Saying?

Thousands of users are using this product with complete satisfaction and gratitude. In contrast, some people have questioned its durability and slat’s quality.



Recommended For

If you want to add a certain kind of calmness and simplicity to your bedroom with a classy and stylish nailhead trim design bed frame, then nothing can be a better option than this one.

4. VECELO Bed Frame Metal Platform Mattress Foundation [Best Metal Full Size Bed Frame]

Product Details

Want to get a sweet sleeping environment? This bed frame from the VECELO brand is something worth trying.

Simple, delicate, classic modern attire – it goes with any interior decoration with total elegance. So you can relax comfortably without having to worry about matching with your decorations.

Not only will it look great but at the same time will change the entire outlook of your room.

Well, you can’t help it! That much gorgeous looking and cozy this bed frame is!

Now for the construction, it is made using premium quality materials to make sure that it gives the same comfort and service for several more years to go.

No more messiness or things scattered here and there when you have this bed frame. Why?

Well, this bed frame comes with a large under-bed storage space. As a result, you can use this extra space for storing several essential things like suitcases, containers, children’s toys, etc. it offers maximum support of 550 to 660 lbs, without needing any box spring.

Another unique trait of this bed frame is you can sleep worry-free without hurting your head or foot while sleeping in it. The headboard and the footboard’s unique design will protect you from all kinds of injuries. All credit goes to its manufacturer for its painstaking details.

Lastly, the assembly of this bed frame is just a snap, needing only a few steps. They are truly one of a kind when it comes to picking an ideal full size bed frame. Plus, you get to enjoy 5 years of worry-free warranty with this product!


  • Classical Design
  • Space Saving
  • Solid Metal Construction

What Are Customers Saying?

Weak wooden slats are the main concern that users are facing the most while using this bed frame. So, if you are lucky and buy from a reliable seller, you will not face any such issues. Apart from this problem, users are simply loving and enjoying it.



Recommended For

Want to wake up in a comfortable bed every morning while spending quality time with your family? Then certainly, this bed frame is the one to go for.

5. Simple Houseware 14-Inch Platform Bed Frame [Best Value Full Size Bed Frame]

Product Details

The last product on the list is from the popular brand Simple Houseware. The product is Simple Houseware Platform Bed Frame. They are one of the sturdiest bed frames you will find on the market. And why not?

They are made using high-quality metal materials to ensure that it lasts for a lifetime without giving you any chance to complain about them. Whether it be the comfortability, design, or saving up space – they have definitely aced in all the aspects and are worth appraisal for.

They also eliminate the need for any box spring. Instead, just place your mattress directly on it, and that’s all you will be all ready to sleep on it. For compatibility, you also don’t have anything to worry about as they are compatible with any kind of mattress.

You will get tons of space underneath the bed with this bed frame. Hence, you can use that extra space for keeping any important things that were taking up the room space. This frame is extremely easy to set up and can be done manually without needing any tools.

Besides, you get this handy item at less than $100 with all the features. Isn’t that superb?

Well, it is!

Lastly, this frame is smoothing you will never regret putting your money into.


  • Space Saving
  • No additional box spring is required
  • 500 lb. capacity for average weight people

What Are Customers Saying?

Some customers have complained about its simple design, while others have found issues folding up. Except for these 2 problems, hundreds of people are using this bed frame with utmost comfort and happiness.



Recommended For

If you are not into a luxurious look and are searching for a sturdy bed frame that will easily fall under your budget, then this product is the preferable one.

What Things to Look for in a Full size Bed Frame? [Buying Guide]

Before buying a full size bed frame, always make sure that it comes with all the essential features. Otherwise, you will regret about putting your money on the wrong product.

Right from the design to the durability, materials, and price, you must check all the key features if you want to get hold of the best product.

Let’s dive into the details:


The materials used in the making of the bed frame are the number one thing that you must consider at first. After all, whether it will be durable or break after some months of usage will directly depend on the materials.

Besides, only good quality materials products can provide the exact support and relaxation your body needs. On the other hand, if they are poorly constructed, then normally, they will not be able to provide the support you need, which eventually will affect and shorten the bed’s lifespan.


Usually, a full size fame weighs more than a twin or twin XL. However, it is much lighter in weight than a queen sized bed. The weight of the bed frame directly affects the stability of the bed.

For instance, the solid wood bed frames always weigh more than the metal ones. Besides, the lighter its weight, the easier it will be to move around.


Most of the full size bed frames come with neutral designs, while others come with stylish designs for specific bedroom styles. Such as, a sleek metal bed frame offers a different kind of aesthetic vibes compared to a solid wood frame upon placement in the room.

Hence, depending on your personal taste, room décor, and other requirements, buy the one that will enhance your existing bedroom.


Always look for the bed frame within your budget. Nowadays, several brands come with varied kinds of bed frames with the latest features and functionalities with various price tags.

So, based on your budget, buy the one that matches your requirements criteria the most. In fact, even if you are on a limited budget, you can still buy a good-quality bed frame. But for that, you have to research them a bit.

Easy installation

Easy installation is another important feature to look for in a bed frame. Usually, most of the products are easier to put together.

But still, there are several kinds of bed frames that are quite hard to assemble, requiring several tools and other people’s assistance. Hence, the smarter is to go for the one that comes with easy and quick assembly. 

After all, why go for a harder one when you have a much easier one available.


Who will want to sleep on a bed that makes loud noises with just the slightest movements? Nobody, Right!

So, if you don’t want anything to affect your valuable sleep, then always go for the bed frames that are studied enough to not make any kind of squeaky noise, despite the movement. 


Platform bed frames don’t need any box spring and come with a minimalist design while lessening the storage underneath the bed.

On the other hand, the canopy and sleigh bed frame has a different kind of elegance and stylish attire that is sure to grab attention. Hence, depending on your preference, buy the one.

How much does a full size bed frame cost?

Frankly speaking, there is no specific price tag as different brands with varied features and functionalities tend to have different prices. However, the price usually ranges from a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

They basically cost more than a twin bed frame while a bit less than the queen sized bed frame due to their slightly smaller size. The things that affect the pricing mostly are the materials used in the making of the bed frame.

For instance, a solid wood frame will cost you more money than a metal frame. Besides, the headboard, footboard, extra storage under the bed, and several other features can actively take part in increasing the bed frame’s overall price.

Final Thoughts

A bed frame should be something that can take away all our stresses while using a good night’s sleep after passing a long tiring day. It should be able to hold the weight of our body along with the mattress properly.

Otherwise, no matter how pricey or good-looking your bed frame is, if it can’t fulfill this minimum criterion, then it will definitely be a loss investment. As at the end of the day, you will be the sufferer.

Any of the above-mentioned 5 best full size bed frame is worth putting your money in. Along with increasing the aesthetics of your room, they contain all the essential features to give you the ultimate relaxation you need.

Lastly, choose wisely; sleep tight!

Frequently Asked Question: Best full size bed frame

Have doubts lingering on your mind regarding the full size bed frame? Don’t know the dimensions or other important things?

Well, have a quick go through the below most asked queries to clear up all your confusion:

Can you buy full size bed frames online?

Of course, you can buy full size bed frames online. Nowadays, a lot of manufacturers, mattress companies, furniture, and departmental stores have started selling things online.

Right from offering breathtaking discounts to free shipment, in-home delivery, assemble to sleep trials – they have got all covered! But one thing to note, while buying from online, before placing the orders, make sure to study the reviews, compare the prices, and check the warranty properly.

What are the dimensions for a full size bed frame?

Usually, the full size bed frames are 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. They are almost similar to the twin beds in respect of length but about 16 inches wider.

This kind of bed gets fitted well in small spaces, making them an ideal choice for single adults’ usage. However, depending on various other factors, the dimension may vary.

Will a twin bed frame fit a full size mattress?

You shouldn’t even try to do this, as a full size mattress is too much wider and heavier for a twin or twin XL bed frame. Hence, putting a full size bed on a twin bed frame will untimely result in uncomfortable sleep along with shortening the lifespan of both your mattress and the bed frame.

How can I make my bed frame stronger?

One of the proven ways to turn your regular bed frame into one of the sturdiest ones is to add extra slats between the frame metal.

Adding the slats will take the extra pressure off the current frames when the weight will be applied to the bed. Just add the slats and see the magic! You can buy these slats from any hardware store or even make online purchases.

Why doesn’t my mattress fit my bed frame?

The only reason for the occurrence of this kind of problem is if there is a size difference between the mattress and the frame.

Such as, your frame is Queen size, but your mattress is full sized. So, obviously, your mattress will not fit in the bed frame. Only the right one will perfectly get fitted. Hence, change your mattress!