Top 15 Best Iron Beds | Trendy Metal Beds to Buy in 2022

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Our Top 3 Picks

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Zinus Lorelai 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

Best by Features

ZINUS Yelena 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

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Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame w/Heavy Duty Steel

After a long tiring day, all anyone asks for is a comfortable and cozy bed to sleep on. You will wake up well-rested the next day. On the other hand, an uncomfortable bed will make you suffer from sleeping in it. You might have body-ache.

Besides, a noisy bed can interrupt your sleep. However, a good night’s sleep is essential for good health. And to ensure sound sleep, you must have a good bed.

List of 15 Best Iron Beds

Product Name


Latest Price

Zinus Lorelai | Best Minimalist Design Bed


Zinus Yelena | Best Platform Bed


Mellow | Best Heavy Duty Bed


Zinus Florence | Best Sturdy White Bed


DHP Manila | Best Daybed with Trundle


Temmer | Best Metal Tube Twin Bed


Vecelo | Best Victorian Style Bed


Elegant Home | Best Vintage Style Bed


Vecelo | Best Easy Setup Metal Bed


Yalaxon | Best Vintage Antique Brown Bed


Advantages of Iron Beds

People adore metal furniture, and its popularity is not decreasing in any way. The designs and styles are changing, but people still trust their old favorite metal, iron. Iron beds are referred to as metal beds, like steel or wrought iron beds. Here, we will discuss the best iron beds or best metal beds.

Iron beds are a popular choice for beds for a lot of different reasons. There are several benefits to using iron or metal beds. Some of them are the following.

If you’re looking for the best-wrought iron bed company in your country, don’t worry about this. All of our listed product is manufacturing from the best company in the whole world.


Iron is known for its durability. An iron bed will last you for ages as they are sturdy and robust.  Iron is strong enough to take a lot of weight. You do not have to worry about your bed breaking. Properly welded solid wrought iron beds will last for a long time and will support heavyweight.


Many materials like wood can be affected by weather, humidity, insects. These things cannot affect iron beds. Therefore, iron beds will last a lot longer than other beds.

The beds are coated with rust-resistant elements. So, you do not have to worry about your bed ruining.

Easy to Move

Iron beds are sturdy yet lightweight. You can easily move an iron bed, unlike wooden beds. Iron beds are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Attractive Designs

Iron beds or metal beds these days come in various styles and designs. You can find modern or traditional designs as well as some classic looking beds. On the other hand, some havea modern look to it. Some designs are simple and minimal; some have intricate designs.

Underbed Storage

Another advantage of iron beds is that it has plenty of storage under the bed. You can keep your clothes, blankets, shoes, other stuff under the bed.

You can put your mess under the bed and cover it up. Your room will look tidy and clean. 


If you want a bed on a budget, iron beds can be a good option. Iron beds are affordable yet provide you comfort. They look elegant and stylish too, for the price. So, you can enhance your interior without spending a ton.

Types of Iron Beds

Solid wrought iron beds or cast iron bed frames come in different types providing various functionality. The following are some of the types of beds that are available in the market.

Foldable Bed​

Foldable beds can be made of iron or metal. These beds have some portable functionality, and you can fold them up. You can keep them away somewhere when you do not need it. You can get space when you need it.

Platform Bed ​

These are some of the basic beds and have a platform for mattresses. Some are just functional with not much look to it. Some are more modern and stylish looking.


Also, some designs look simple yet elegant. These types of beds are getting popular for minimal design. These beds are functional and maintenance-free.

Platform Bed ​

These beds are somewhat like platform beds with the addition of a headboard and footboard. Having a headboard and footboard gives these beds a traditional look. These beds also come in traditional as well as modern designs. 

Bed with Trundle​

Trundle bed usually comes with smaller beds or daytime beds. The trundle is a movable part that you can use according to your need. If you need to use the trundle, you can take it out. Otherwise, you can keep it under the bed. These types of beds are functional. Your room will look organized all day, and at night you can pull out the trundle for the extra guests.

Double Decker Bed​

These types of beds are ideal for children, teens, or young adults. You get two beds in the space of one. If you are short in space but need more beds, you can buy a double-decker bed, especially for your children. It is not just functional; children love bunk beds or double-decker beds. It is ideal for hostels as well.

Canopy Bed​

Many like canopy beds as they have a timeless look. Traditionally they were used to keep the inside warm and for privacy. However, nowadays, it has become a sign of luxury. People these days add different types of fabrics or lights for interior beautification. 

Reviews of Best Iron Beds

The key features and some pros and cons of the top metal or iron beds are discussed below.

1. Zinus Lorelai | Best Minimalist Design Bed [Editor’s Pick]

Zinus Lorelai 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

Product Details

Zinus is particularly famous for its metal beds with sophisticated designs. They promise to provide not just functional and durable beds but also comfort. This bed is no exception. The design is simple and clean.

The look of this bed is very modern and unique. It will complement any room of yours. If you are going for a modern and minimal vibe for your decors, you should definitely choose this bed without a doubt.

This is one of the best metal bedsthat ensures the best functionality. The slats of the bed are positioned 6.6 inches apart from each other. The positioning of slates makes it possible to work without a box spring. 

You can use a mattress without any problem, and they will not slag. You can use latex, spring, or memory too. The slates have tapes that will hold your mattress in place.

The bed can effortlessly hold your weight and support your body when you sleep. It can support up to 500 pounds. There is no compromise in comfort when you are using the Zinus Lorelai bed. 

The material is sturdy and durable as the entire bed frame is made of steel. The bed comes in black color. It has a height of 14 inches, allowing almost 13 inches of under bed storage.

The bed is easy to assemble and comes with everything you need to build. It takes only about an hour to complete. The company gives 5-years of warranty with the product, and the price is reasonable too.



2.    Zinus Yelena | Best Platform Bed [Budget Pick]

ZINUS Yelena Metal Platform Bed Frame

Product Details

This bed is another best minimalist one from the Zinus brand. It is a platform bed that comes in black color.

The bed has a robust structure and is built of steel. The slats guard the mattress against sagging. Therefore, your mattress will last longer. Also, using a box spring is not mandatory with this bed. The bed can hold up to 500 lbs. You will get 12 inches of under-bed space as well.

Foam padded tape is inserted on the steel frames, which makes the bed noise-free. It does not squeak at all. The tape also holds the mattress so that it does not slip.

The bed is easy to assemble. It comes with clear instruction and all necessary tools. It will take no more than one hour to build the bed.



3.    Mellow | Best Heavy Duty Bed

Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame

Product Details

It is a steel body bed frame from Mellow that looks exceptional. It is a queen size bed with little less than 12 inches of under bed storage. 

The bed is modern and elegant looking and comes in black color. The minimal design looks sleek. It will make your room look sophisticated and will blend beautifully with all other furniture.

The slats are organized to support weight and provide maximum comfort. There are about 10-12 slats, and each has about 5-6 inches of a gap in between. This ensures the utmost support. Mellow has used Clip2Lock technology to make assembly more accessible.

The material is durable, sturdy, and noise-free. You do not have to worry about the bed making a squeaky sound.

The packaging the bed comes in is a compact one. It comes with all the parts and screws you will need.



4.  Zinus Florence | Best Sturdy White Bed

ZINUS Florence Metal Platform Bed Frame

Product Details

This bed from the brand Zinus is sleek and straightforward. This bed comes in a white finish and will look amazing in any room.

The bed frame is sturdy and made of alloy steel. The organization of slates can support heavyweight. There are 6 inches of space between each slat.

The slates can hold mattresses, memory foams, or any hybrid mattresses. Using a box spring is not mandatory, yet your mattress will not sag.

The bed has a curved steel headboard and footboard, which gives it a classic and expensive look. The bed provides 10 inches of space under for storage.

The bed is easy to assemble and comes with clear instructions. All the tools needed to build the bed comes with it. It will take about one hour to assemble the bed.



5. DHP Manila | Best Daybed with Trundle

DHP Manila Metal Bed with Victorian Style Headboard and Footboard

Product Details

DHP is a brand dedicated to making space-saving and space-optimizing furniture. This bed is one of their innovative beds that saves space. If you want a multifunctional bed, this could be a good choice for you. It is a metal daybed, and it also has a trundle.

It comes in white color and looks classy. This bed will complement small living spaces or guest rooms. This can be a great choice for children’s beds too.

The daybed is perfect for a queen size mattress, and a full-size mattress will fit on the trundle. You can use mattresses having a height of maximum 6 inches for the trundle.

The bed is made of sturdy metal. The trundle has four easy-glide casters so that you can easily move the trundle. Two of the casters are locking, and the other two are ono-locking. The day bed and trundle is easy to assemble and does not take much time.



6. Temmer | Best Metal Tube Twin Bed

TEMMER Black Metal Bed Frame

Product Details

This is a unique antique brown metal tube bed with a powder finish. It would be perfect for kids or teens. The material is sturdy, and the slats can hold weight.

The structure of the bed offers comfort with durability. The bed has nine legs that guarantee stability. The design is safe; the slats are well structured to make the bed secure for children. It also helps the mattress not to sink in.

The metal is welded in such a way that it prevents noise generation. The rounded tubes keep the mattresses from scratching. The bed provides a lot of storage space under it.

The bed is easy to assemble, and you will get instructions with the package. The company gives a warranty of 5 years with free replacement. Any missing part is available too



7. Vecelo | Best Victorian Style Bed

VECELO Queen Size Metal Bed Frame

Product Details

It is a victorian style bed with a headboard and footboard. The design looks polished, and it will be a sophisticated addition to your interior. The black color looks exceptionally classy.

The bed is designed to make the bed a solid structure. The slats are also built to support any type of mattress without a box spring. The slats ensure that the mattress does not move or sink.The slats are 5 inches apart from each other. The middle slat has foam that prevents from making noise or friction.

The bed has enough space under it. It provides almost 12.6 inches of storage space. It can also support more than 600 lbs of weight.



8. Elegant Home| Best Vintage Style Bed

Victorian Vintage Style Platform Metal Bed Frame

Product Details

This bed has a vintage Victorian look to it. It comes in a unique color and finishes, which is metallic grey silver. If you want a bed that will stand out in your room, you can go for this metal bed.

It is made of 100% sturdy metal tubes and very stable. It has many slats and can hold mattresses without making its slag. The material of the bed is sturdy and does not make any noise.

This bed provides storage space too. It has 12 inches of storage under it. The headboard and footboard give maximum support. The bed can support any type of mattress without a box spring.

The bed is easy to assemble and takes about an hour. It comes with instructions and screws to build the bed.



9. Vecelo | Best Easy Setup Metal Bed

VECELO Metal Platform Bed Frame

Product Details

The design of this bed is simple yet elegant, with some intricate design on the headboard and footboard. This design makes the bed stand out from any other beds. If you want a classy yet modern looking bed, you should check this bed out.

The bed design will blend well with both modern looking or traditional-looking interior. It has a minimalist element to it.

This bed is a strong and sturdy one. It is made of metal and has a robust structure. The mainframes are thicker to ensure stability. It has ten legs, giving maximum support. The slats give support for any type of mattress. It ensures that the mattress does not sag. The middle legs prevent the mattress from sliding

The bed has 12 inches of storage under it. The bed is noise-free. Therefore, there will be no squeaky sound. It comes with all the screws needed to assemble the bed and with easy to understand instructions.



10. Yalaxon | Best Vintage Antique Brown Bed

Vintage Sturdy Full Size Metal Bed Frame

Product Details

This bed comes in a unique antique bronze color and has a vintage look. This looks impressive with a simple designed headboard and footboard. The structure is made of metal tubes with rounded edges.

The bed is well structured and robust. It has nine legs to maximize support for both you and the bed mattress. It is not mandatory to use a box spring with this bed. 

The bed has used noise-cancellation tapes on the middle bars. The tape prevents friction, therefore unnecessary noise. Again, the anti-slip tapes of the legs ensure stability. The bed will move even if you don’t use carpet underneath.

The bed has hooks to hold the mattresses in place.  No matter what type of mattress you use, it will not slide. The under bed storage is good enough too. It has 13 inches of space for storage.

You can easily assemble the bed by following the instruction. The package the bed comes in is also very compact.



11. DHP | Best Adjustable Bed

DHP Tokyo Metal Bed

Product Details

Among all the beds we have discussed so far, this one has the most different design. The intricate iron design makes it different from all others. It looks traditional still will complement any room. The bed is bronze in color, which is different too.

The bed is built with sturdy metal that holds the mattress effortlessly. The design of the headboard and footboard is timeless.

You can use any type of mattress without a box spring. The slats are organized in a way so that the mattress does not think.

A unique thing about this bed that other beds don’t is the adjustable base height. There are two options, six inches, and eleven inches. If you are using a thicker mattress, you can use 6 inches height, otherwise 11 inches. The downside of this is, there is not much storage space under the bed



12. Dumee | Best Textured Metal Bed

DUMEE Black Metal Bed Frame

Product Details

This is a heavy-duty metal bed. It has ten legs to provide maximum support. The manufacturer has come up with a new, improved way to give more support to the middle row. Eleven slats coordination holds the mattress without the support of a box spring. It prevents sagging orthe sinking of the mattress.

The bed has a timeless design that will complement any bedroom or guestroom. The material has a metallic finish and is textured. It gives a distinctive look with the benefit of less fingerprint on the metal.

The bed can hold up to 550 pounds and has 12 inches of storage space underneath. The package the bed comes in is compact. It is easy to build and comes with clear instructions



13. NovogratzBushwick | Best Modern Design Bed

Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed

Product Details

The design of this bed is like a classic one with a modern twist. It has the classic headboard and footboard, but the slightly pointed middle gives it a different look.

The bed has a satin grey finish and will complement other furniture in your room really well. The design is very trendy, and the bold color will standout in any room.

The slats of the bed are sturdy enough to hold mattresses without a box spring. The entire metal material is strong and durable. The base of the bed is adjustable. You can either have the base in 6 inches or 11 inches.

The bed is very easy to assemble as it comes with an easy to understand instruction. It takes about an hour to build the bed by following the instructions.



14. UroDecor | Best Bed for Underbed Storage

Queen Platform Metal Bed Frame

Product Details

This metal black queen size bed is a classic design. If you wish to buy a simple traditional design, you can choose this one.

The metal tube is powder-coated, which prevents it from rusting and also gives an exceptional look. This is a design that you blend beautifully with both traditional and modern types of furniture.

The bed is made of durable metal and steel. It has nine legs for maximum support and stability. The metal slats are capable of holding any type of mattress.

This bed provides a lot of storage space underneath. It has 13 inches of storage space, which you can use to put a lot of things there.

The legs have non-slip material on the bottom. You do not have to worry about the bed moving or sliding on wooden or tiled floors.

The no-noise design prevents the bed from making any unwanted sound. The bed is designed in such a way that the mattress will not slip.

You can easily assemble the bed in an hour or so if you follow the instruction it comes with. All the necessary screws and tools will be included in the package of the product.



15. Novogratz Marion | Best Canopy Bed

Novogratz Marion Canopy Bed Frame

Product Details

This is a modernized canopy bed design. Canopy beds have always been popular, but nowadays, they are coming with sleek and modern design. This bed will give a luxurious vibe as well as comfort. Canopy beds can cost a lot. However, this bed comes at a reasonable price.

This bed can be the centerpiece of your bedroom with its classy and stylish design. It will complement other decors too.

The material is sturdy, and it provides stability. The slats can hold mattresses without supporting a box spring. The under bed storage is about 11 inches.

It can support up to 500 lbs. The bed is comparatively easy to assemble and does not take much time.



Buying Guide for Best Iron Beds​

There are several factors that you must keep in mind while shopping for a bed. Knowing about a product you are planning to buy is beneficial. You will know what exactly you want and can decide quickly, will not get confused. Here are the things you should decide on before ordering a bed.


Usually, the iron beds are listed as metal beds or steel beds when you are looking for them online. Different types of iron beds are made of different types of iron.


Wrought iron is a popular choice for building metal furniture. The material is very durable and sturdy. Different types of furniture are made of wrought iron. Wrought iron beds are lightweight yet sustainable.


Steel is probably the most versatile metal. It is the most used too. Steel is used in different furniture, appliances, accessories, etc. It is lightweight and can hold a large amount load, making this material ideal for furniture. Stainless steel prevents the furniture from dirt or rust.

Cast Iron​

Cast iron is usually used outdoors. It is a heavy form of iron build, therefore not ideal for everyday furniture. Iron doors, windows, etc. are made of cast iron.

Build Quality

You should consider checking the build quality of the metal bed you are willing to buy. For iron beds, the material quality has to good otherwise it will not last long or will not be able to support weight. Poor welding can be a quality determining factor for metal beds.

Sizes of Iron Beds

Beds come in different sizes. There are few things to keep in mind before choosing a size. You need to consider how many people are going to sleep on it. You need to think about your body size too. Will there be children or pets? If yes, then you need a bigger one. Another thing to consider is how big your room is. What size will fit best in your room?


Twin beds are best for single sleepers, children, or teenagers. Usually, bunk beds are also available in this size. It is the perfect size for smaller rooms or studio apartments too. Generally, the size of twin beds is 38X75 inches.


This size is perfect for young adults or couples. This could be a good size for the guest bedroom too. The usual size for a full bed is 53X75 inches.


This is the most popular size of the bed. It is best for the master bedroom. This size has ample space for a couple. It could great if the couple wants to sleep with a kid or pet. Individuals who want enough space can go for this size too. In general, the size for queen size bed is 60X80 inches

Western King Size​

Also known as California king size. This bed is rarely used by general people. Mansions, hotels, vacation homes, etc. are where this type of huge beds are used. If you want a huge bed to get a luxurious feel, you should choose this size. Generally, the size ofthe California king bed is 72X84 inches.


The most important function of a bed is comfort. There is no use of a bed if you cannot sleep comfortably. However, it is not the only requirement when someone goes to buy a bed.

Some beds are multifunctional. Bunk beds, trundles,  sofa-beds, divan-beds are multifunctional and need to perform additional tasks.

Besides comfort, some might want some storage space underneath.


The metal beds come in different finishes. One or more coats are applied to protect the material from rust or other damages. The layer does not just safeguard; it also beautifies the product.

Metal beds come in different colors like white, black, bronze, gold, silver, etc. these colors also have different finishes like metallic, matte, satin. Some beds are glossy metallic-looking, whereas others are textured.

Weight Support​

Most of the best-wrought iron beds indicate the maximum weight a bed can support. You should check the weight limit before buying a bed. If you exceed the weight, then the bed might not hold up.

Usually, most iron beds can support from 350 lbs to 700 lbs. You should consider how many people are going to sleep on it and their weight. Usually, smaller beds support less weight, and bigger beds support more weight.


No one wants to buy something that will stop functioning after a few days. Durability is a huge requirement for any product, especially furniture. No one buys or changes furniture frequently as they can be costly and not easy to move.

Before choosing a bed, you need to see if it is made of durable material. Iron or metal is generally a sturdy and durable material. However, it is prone to rust. So make sure the iron is coated with anti-rust protection.

For iron beds, welding has to be good too. Otherwise, it might not be able to hold weight and break. Most iron beds bend while it cannot hold too much weight.


Wrought iron or cast iron beds are cheaper than other beds. Wooden beds can be costly. Comparatively, iron beds are durable for the price. If you are willing not to spend a lot on a bed, you should try an iron bed. You can also try iron beds if you want to change your décor often.


People are using iron beds for centuries now; still, its popularity is rising. It comes back with new variations, and people go crazy for it. Till this day, iron or metal is a popular choice when it comes to beds or furniture. People are getting hyped by the newer and modern designs.

Metal beds have good longevity for the price. They are affordable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. Overall, the best iron beds are a complete package of comfort and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are wrought iron beds in style?

Wrought iron beds have always been in style. Traditional wrought-iron beds have intricate designs on the headboard and footboard. However, modern designs are more minimalistic and simple.

2. Are metal beds noisy?

Yes, metal beds can be noisy for several reasons. The friction of metal, loose screw, etc. can create the noise. The manufacturers are developing many methods to stop the squeaky sound. So there are some beds that do not make any noise.

3. Is it bad to sleep on metal beds?

If you sleep on a mattress or foam, there will be no difference. However, if you lie on the metal itself there can be some problems. As metal gets hot or cold, depending on the temperature, it is best not to sleep on a metal bed frame.

4. What type of furniture goes with iron beds?

You can decorate your house with both iron and wood with your iron bed. Iron beds look classic and complement any type of furniture.

5.  Are iron beds safe?

A well-built iron bed is safe to use. It is safe for people who suffer from allergies. You only have to make sure the coating is non-toxic.