How to Fix a Broken Wooden Bed Frame

There is nothing unusual about a bed frame showing signs of wear and tear after certain time has passed. Due to tear and natural wear, a wooden bed frame might be damaged or broken. But for this issue only, you will, of course, not change the entire bed as everything is costly in this era.

You need to know that how to repair bed wooden frame. Now, a question may arise in your mind, that then what is the solution to this? And that is why in this article, you will get to know how to fix a broken wooden bed frame. However, the repairing time and materials will depend on the type of damage.

You need to go through the entire article to know more about it in detail.

How to Fix a Broken Wooden Bed Frame

Fixing a broken wooden bed frame is not a challenging task like fixing a broken heart. So, do not get panic. Moreover, a bed frame can get broken from different sides, like in the slats, joints, and minor or significant cracks.

But be confident that wooden bed frame repair is not so much hard as you think. Below we will be discussing all these issues with a proper solution.

BrokenWooden Bed Frame Infographics

Fixing Broken Slats

How to fix a wooden bed frame? It’s not so much hard as you think. It’s a simple process. Just follow the four steps below to fixing broken slats.

  • Get the broken slats out of bed. If it is not in the condition to be fixed, then you may keep it; otherwise, throw it.
  • Now to replace it with a new slat, measure the length, breadth, and thickness of the last slat.
  • After that, go to a hardware shop to get the perfect replacement. If you cannot find the exact one, then focus on the breadth and thickness, as length can be maximized by cutting.
  • Once everything gets a match, finally, place it in the broken slat’s position, and for extra security, you can apply some wood glue.

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Fixing Broken Joints

When anyone asks to us that how to fix a broken wooden bed frame, how to fix broke joints that time we suggest him to follow these steps bellow:

  • Remove the metal brackets and keep them at a secure place as afterward those will be required.
  • Next, separate the joints from the bed.
  • Scrutinize it so that there is no existing dried glue. If there are any, you can remove those with a putty knife.
  • Apply wood tape in the joint and wood glue in all four corners of the slats.
  • Once it is done, re-fasten the joints, you can take the help of a hammer or rubber mallet to do this.
  • Now, put the removed metal brackets back into the position again.
  • You are all done with this procedure, but before using the bed, wait for the glue to be dry.

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Fixing Minor Cracks: Tips & Tricks

You need to know how to fix wooden bed frame properly when you want to fix minor cracks. It’s topically relevant for the overall efforts on it.

  • Get sandpaper to rub the crack so that it gets as even as possible.
  • Apply wood putty in the crack until it gets full.
  • With a plaster knife, get rid of the excess putty.
  • Give some time to get it dry.
  • In the end, to make the crack and putty invisible, you can paint that portion.

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Fixing Significant Cracks

How to fix a broken bed frame? How to fix a bed frame? Tried to find out these things on Google?

I know you’re feeling right now. But do you know that there is a proven method of fixing significant cracks for your bed frame?

  • With sandpaper, rub the crack part and make it smooth.
  • Mop that area using a wet cloth. Doing this will allow the glue to get attached to the two sides of the crack easily.
  • Now measure the two sides with a clamp.
  • Once you are done with the clamp, apply some glue specially made for the wood into each crack side.
  • Then with a plaster knife, get rid of the excess putty.
  • Give some time to get it dry.
  • Again, rub it with sandpaper to get rid of the excess glue. This will help to give an even surface.

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Buying a Wooden Bed Frame

Things to Consider while Buying a Wooden Bed Frame

The first thing that everybody has to buy for the bedroom is the bed. But you will indeed not like the matter if you have to fix the bed frame brought a few months ago?

So to avoid this, you need to consider some features while buying this bed frame. Just think about that why you search on Google how to fix a broken wooden bed frame?

Because you don’t know what things you need to consider when you buy a bed frame.

Go through the points carefully so that no such issue occurs in the future.


Initially, as a buyer, you need to look for a bed that has been constructed with high-quality wood. If the wood is not of fine quality, it will not even sustain after holding your weight for a few months. Moreover, the wood will start to fade quickly after coming in contact with water.


After observing the frame of the bed, you need to focus on the material of the slat. The slat can be either made of steel or wood, or even other material. Both are durable and strong. But in comparison, wooden slats are more durable and gives comfort to the back.


Most of the wooden bed frame gets broken from the place of joint or corners. Ask the seller whether the corners are built with special care or not. If you feel confused, it is better to avoid that one as there are many well-known brands in the market.


Most of the company has added guarantee policy in their products. And after buying a bed for $1000 or more, you will, of course, want to avail the guarantee option. There might be manufacturing defects that you did not notice while buying or got a notice after receiving home delivery.

The Bottom Line

It is impossible to take rest on a broken bed frame. Moreover, your status will be at risk if a guest in your house sees a broken wooden bed frame in your room. So, without any other thinking, the bed needs to be mend as soon as possible.

From the above information, you have already learned about how to fix a broken wooden bed frame. You will not even require to call carpentry to fix it. You alone or along with one of the members of your family or friend can easily do it.

It will not only save you money but also you will get the experience of repairing. Afterward, you can easily fix most of the furniture in your house if there is an issue.