Simple Life Fully Assembled Mattress Box Foundation

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If you are tired of those wooden box spring beds, it is time that you bring home Simple Life Fully Assembled Mattress Box Foundation. This mattress foundation allows you to decorate your bedroom the modern way without a bed frame, as it does not require anything but a mattress to provide the best bedding solution to the users. The unit can support the mattresses without causing them to sag. Made from heavy duty steel, the foundation is highly durable and is promised to last for years.

Product Details

Gets Assembled in Seconds

If the thought of assembling a mattress foundation horrifies you, this product is the best one that you could get for yourself. There is practically no assembly time with the simple life fully assembled mattress box foundation, as it gets shipped pre-assembled only.

All the user has to do is take the folded foundation out of the packing case, unfold it and it is absolutely ready to be used. The folded flat design of the foundation allows easy carrying of the unit through the stairs and to different rooms.

Highly Durable Product

The simple life fully assembled mattress box foundation is made from heavy-duty tubular steel which provides the unit maximum edge firmness. It offers noise free support, thanks to the make and design that has eradicated side sways totally.

You will not be annoyed by that wooden mattress and box spring any longer as the unit does not require the low profile box spring any longer.

Features of the Product

The best features of the mattress box foundation are listed below.

  • Available in many sizes which include Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King.
  • Zero assembly time
  • Provides excellent support to the mattress that prevents them from sagging
  • Ideal to be used with memory foam mattresses
  • Unique flat fold design allows easy movement of the unit through tight corners and staircases.
  • Made from heavy duty steel which provides higher durability
  • The product gets shipped in small parcel which allows faster and hassle free delivery
  • Product dimension is 80x60x8 inches
  • Weight of the whole unit is 41 pounds

User Reviews

The easy fold out technology of the mattress box foundation amazes its users more than anything else. The light weight and sturdy queen box spring is easy to use and easier to carry, is what most users had to comment about the product.

There are certain users who did not find the sleeping comfort of the king box spring as good as they had expected, but then that depends largely on the quality of the mattress as well. You cannot blame the foundation alone for a sleeping discomfort.


The simple life fully assembled mattress box foundation is certainly a very useful bedding component as it provides a whole lot of features and benefits to its users.

Without those annoying cracking sound of wood or the fear of getting broken if the kids decide to jump on them, this mattress foundation is best to give a comfortable sleeping experience and modern décor to the bedroom.