Zinus Smartbase Mattress Foundation

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The style of room furniture and beds are hanging with the changing times. Now many people live in small apartments and look for space saving furniture. Thus the requirements for free and open storage beds or mattress support have risen over time. When you are looking for a platform bed, without the headboard, footboard, and box spring, and have loads of space beneath for storage, then you may have a look at the Zinus 14 inch Smartbase Mattress foundation. The Zinus 14” mattress foundation is a great support, easy to fit in minutes, and apt for the any mattress type, and allows for 13 inch of clear space beneath.

Zinus Smartbase Mattress Foundation

Ideal replacement for bed frame and box spring

The product is a nice replacement for bed frame and box spring. When you use the Zinus 14 inch Smartbase bed frame hardware, you don’t really need a conventional bed with a headboard and footboard. The flat bed system where the iron made casing is the support for the mattress, is enough to give your memory foam, latex or spring mattress the much required noise free support and a flat base.

14 inch of height from ground with storage space

Furniture with storage is a necessity, and that is why storage beds have always been popular. But this one takes even lesser space than a conventional modular or wooden storage bed. The simple metal iron bed frames give it the sturdy body with sleek bed frame. The mattress base being 14 inch above ground, the bed offers classic 13 inches height of free space below.

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Product features

The best features of the product are as follows:

  • This is an easy to fit mattress foundation, which needs no extra tools to be installed. You can do it by following simple instructions
  • The design is a space saver. When it use, it has 13inch of clear space beneath as the mattress frame support is 14 inches high from ground. Many things can be stored beneath. When not in use it can be folded and kept side, and it takes very less space.
  • The box spring and bed frame can totally be replaced with this king size bed frame for sale which is also available in many other sizes.
  • Great choice to accommodate people of average weight

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The customer Reviews and Cons

As per customer reviews the joints or welding do not come really very hard, and with rough use it may give off before completing the 5 years of guarantee. If the nuts and bolts are not tightened enough while fitting the bed, then the bed may grow squeaky with time. Also the mattress slides off the edges due to absence of gripping base. However looking at the really small price you pay for it, and the huge storage space you get under the bed, the above problems may be subsided.

The Verdict

If you are looking at a relatively low profile box spring to keep your mattress when you can’t invest in a wooden bed, then this is great for you. But you must be average weighted for the Zinus 14 inch Smartbase Mattress foundation to support you comfortably. The space saving feature is the best about the bed foundation.

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