Do Bed Frames Make a Difference in Comfort?

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People only focus on buying cozy matress or bed toppers when it’s about comfort. But do you know that a quality bed frame is important to ensure your comfort level?

Yes, you heard it right. Bed frames can make a difference in comfort. Unfortunately, many buy a low-quality bed frame to save money that can not provide enough support to your mattress and eventually bends after several uses affecting your comfort.

Also, a bad-quality bed frame can make a sound disturbing your sleep. Let’s know why bed frames are important for maximum comfort below.

Anatomy of a Standard Bed

Generally, a bed is comprised of three parts:

  • A mattress
  • A bedspring
  • & A bed frame

Now, you must want to know why there are different parts, as a simple mattress is good enough.

The simple answer is that a bed frame and a bed spring are used to support your mattress. The support here means the specific support required for the mattress.

How Having a Bedframe Makes the Bed More Comfortable?

Well, a well-supported mattress and comfort are directly connected. Your bed frame is the key to getting the most comfortable bed.

A mattress provides a particular softness with the support of a bed frame. It’s about the right support your mattress needs, and a bedframe can provide that. So, for example, if you want your bed to be bouncy for a certain level, you’ll need a bed frame to find the mattress bouncy enough.

So when your mattress is well-supported, you’re equally supported. Consequently, you’ll be most comfortable. So, if you believe, as others do, that only laying a mattress on the floor is good enough, that’s not true.

This is the fundamental reason why a bed is more comfortable when you use a bedframe. However, the support of the mattress and the comfort connected are not the only reasons to use a bed frame.

9 Reasons to Use a Good Quality Bedframe for Your Bed

Alongside offering ultimate comfort on your bed, using a bedframe has several practical benefits.

Find below more reasons why you would like to purchase a bedframe.

1. Regulate body temperature

When you place a mattress on the floor, the cold from the floor can reach you. Thus your cozy bedtime won’t be cozy anymore. However, if you use a bedframe, you can avoid getting cold at night and sleep thoroughly.

Again, having the right temperature in the room is critical. Otherwise, your sleep will not be comfortable. In this regard, a bedframe contributes to total temperature control and ensures a good night’s sleep.

2. Take care of your health

If you lay a mattress on the floor, no air can pass the under the bedframe. But air passing is necessary for the breathability of your mattress.

Again, there’ll be mold build-up, dust mites, and bacteria. And all these can affect you badly, and you can get allergies. So a bed frame has health concerns too connected to it.

3. Safe sleeping accommodation

This section is connected to the previous one. Alongside mold, dust, and bacteria build-up, your mattress can attract insects too. So even if you keep your room properly clean, insects will likely crawl next to you. Do you like that? A bed frame can save you from unpleasant insects and mites.

4. Ensure underlined health benefits

Let’s talk about some general science. So, when you keep the mattress on the floor, not to mention, it contains gravitational force. That way, there’s equal pressure on all sides of the mattress.

You feel the same pressure as you lie on the mattress or your bed. As a result, there’s some risk of more health issues, like unexplained joint pain, back pain, and muscle pain after waking up.

Additionally, if you use a bed frame, the frame can keep the gravitation pressure around the middle section. That’s why you can easily curve or keep your sleeping style comfortable.

Thus it will help you reduce the stress on the muscle and bones while sleeping straight. This way, you decrease the chance of long-term joint or muscle pain.

5. Sleep better during pregnancy

Pregnant women feel less heavy while sleeping as the bedframe shifts gravitational pressure in the middle. If you’re married or planning to get married recently, keep a note of this point to give your wife the best form of comfort.

6. Ensure the right positioning

Mattresses are usually made of slippery fabric. For that reason, they are unlikely to be in the same place after your get up or sit on the mattress couple of times. You simply need a bedframe to prevent the bed from sliding on the floor.

7. Saves your floor

There’ll be marks of dust or some other stubborn staff due to laying down a mattress on the floor. Furthermore, you might use the mattress with a bedspring. Hence, there’ll be spring marks too.

Although you can stop that by regularly cleaning, who wants to do that? Using a bed frame, you can easily avoid the hassle and keep your area clean. It eventually helps you protect good hygiene.

8. Provide extra storage space

One of the perks of having a bedframe is having extra space. For instance, your can store blankets in summer and keep shoe boxes, lockers, and trollies. This is advantageous for people who live in congested spaces or have less house space.

9. Elevate the beauty of your room

Your bedroom will look bare and unfinished with a mattress on the floor. A bed frame offers your space a polished look that could enhance its visual appeal.

One of the best things about bed frames is that there are many different types to choose from. So, you can find one that exactly matches the decor of your room.

To Conclude

Using a bedframe is a traditional practice. Although using a bed frame has much to do with personal preferences, the reasons here prove that beds offer comfort, better sleep, and health protection.