How to Hide Adjustable Bed Frame

Choosing an adjustable bed frame can be exciting, but it can also be frustrating when you realize how visible the frame is.

By hiding your adjustable bed frame, you’ll be able to make your bedroom look cleaner and more organized while giving yourself more storage space underneath your bed.

But you don’t like what you are seeing! And you want to know to conceal the adjustable bed frame you bought to maintain the desired appearance of your cozy bedroom. Maybe there are protruding, bulky legs creating a disappointing appearance.

A blissful all-night sleep or breakfast in bed – adjustable bed frames help you get comfortable easily. Indeed, they are absolute lifesavers.

Let’s know how to make an adjustable bed look nice.

How to hide adjustable bed frame: 5 Brilliant solutions

I have 5 clever way-out to get rid of the unpalatable look of your adjustable bed frame. These five ideas will help you hide your adjustable bed frame in no time at all!

Explore the ideas one by one. And get all the viable solutions to hide the legs of an adjustable bed frame.

Idea 1: Setting a Lovely Bed Skirt

Setting a lovely bed skirt

This is a popular solution. People seem to like this one most because it is an excellent addition to your bedroom among all the other ideas.

Basically, bed skirts are utilized to cover bedposts or base beds. Considering that, you will see people use them for hiding box springs. Good to know, they are called dust ruffles too.

Anyway, if you want to add some decorative details, you can try this solution. Typically, bed skirts are low profile. And they hang gracefully, touching or not touching the floor all the way.

On top of that, your bed will look even cozier with a bed skirt on. Clearly, a bed skirt will not just cover the adjustable bed frame only but also enhance the beauty and warmth of your bedroom.

Idea 2: Taking the Benefit of a Separate Bed Frame

You may find that adding a bed skirt is too much for you. We are, after all, DIFFERENT. If you don’t like the concept, don’t worry. I have a one-of-a-kind solution for you.

Why not use a separate bed frame? All you need to do is place the bed frame within the frame. Now, you’re probably wondering if the adjustable bedframe will fit inside a bed frame. Good question.

Fortunately, most adjustable bed frames are built to be housed in another bed frame. However, panel beds would be the best option.

The adjustable bed frame can be placed directly on top of the panel bed frame. Obviously, you will have to remove the legs of the adjustable bed frame.

Furthermore, sometimes you might have to take out the wooden slats of the bed frames. Also, you might have to make some other changes to an individual bed frame to house an adjustable bed frame.

Idea 3: Consider Repositioning the Bed

This is a good option for many of us. It won’t be wrong if I say some people are not planning to spend any more on the bedroom.

Furthermore, you have already paid for the adjustable bed frame to ensure the highest level of comfort. If any of these apply to you, consider repositioning your bed.

When the bed is in the middle of the room, the first thing we notice is the bed. If it’s an adjustable bed frame, it will be more noticeable.

Once you move the bed from the center of your bedroom, the bed won’t be the most noticeable part. So, you can place the bed by the side. That way, a wall will already cover aside from the bed.

Moreover, if you put it horizontally, just one side of the bed will be visible. Even if one side of the bed will be noticeable, the repositioning help to reduce the unappealing look of the adjustable bed frame.

Idea 4: Use a Bed Side Table, Couch, or even Bench

Maybe the solutions you learned about haven’t moved you yet. In that case, I have another unique and simple solution.

You can go for a Table, couch, or even bench. It will cover the front side of the adjustable bed frame. Now, you are thinking about hiding the other sides of the bed frame.

Well, this arrangement is ideal if you want to keep the bed centered in your bedroom. If you don’t want to reposition the bed or move it from the middle, this solution is for you.

There are benches of various designs and styles. You can pick a bench according to your liking. Moreover, you need to consider the interior design of your bedroom to select the perfect bench.

Also, you should consider whether it will look good in your bedroom. For instance, the room the already crammed. In that case, the bench is merely a piece of extra furniture for your neatly organized small bedroom. So, you need to be a little careful here.

Idea 5: Installing a Headboard

This is the last idea on my list. And, I hope you like this one.

Huge demography prefers to get a headboard for a bed. Well, some bed comes with headboards, and some don’t. Basically, it depends on the designs of the bed frames.

Usually, we use the headboard as support while lying back. Not only that, you can stop the pillow from dropping now and then with a headboard.

What is more, if you have placed the bed by a wall, it will protect the wall from marks and abrasion. You see- there are many benefits of using a headboard.

Gladly, it can help more! Because when you install a headboard, it will take most of the attention. As a result, the appearance of the adjustable bed frame will not be an issue anymore.

Warping up

Adjustable bed frames help a lot with resting. But they might not always have the design or appearance catering to your taste. In that circumstance, consider the 5 solutions I have provided you here.


In case you have more queries, look at the questions below. They will provide you with further clarification.

How do you hide the legs of an adjustable bed frame?

There are several options for covering the legs of an adjustable bed frame. You can add a decorative touch by using a lovely bed skirt.

You can also use a completely different bed frame that will support the adjustable bed frame. You could also put a decent-looking bench in front of the adjustable bed frame.

Another clever idea is to try to divert attention from the bed frame. For that, you can put up a headboard. As a result, the poor appearance of the bed frame will be less prevalent.

Finally, you can simply reposition the bed. Because placing the bed in the middle draws attention to the odd-looking adjustable bed frame.

Do adjustable beds fit in all bed frames?

Most adjustable bed frames will fit in separate bed frames. However, you may need to alter an adjustable bed frame and the base bed frame because some will not fit around bed frames.