How Much Weight Can a Wooden Bed Frame Hold?

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new bed, you might be wondering how much weight it can hold. After all, most bedroom furniture comes in one standard size, so what if you’re looking to purchase something bigger or smaller?

And what if your bed frame doubles as storage? If you have the space, here are some factors to consider when deciding how much weight your wooden bed frame can hold.

Well, you don’t need to be wondering more about this question. Read this blog to learn all the information about the wooden bed frame’s weight carrying ability.

How Much Weight Can Wooden Bed Frames Hold?

Do you know that wooden bed frames can be of various types? As a result, different wooden bed frames have other weight-carrying abilities.

The reason is woods of different trees have different lasting and holding abilities. So, the weight holding ability largely depends on the wood’s quality, manufacturing formula, etc.

Let’s see differently manufactured bed frame’s weight carrying ability from the following section-

Standard Wooden Bed Frame

You may have been using wooden bed frames for many years. But, have you ever wondered how much weight a wooden bed frame can hold?

People use standard wooden beds in their available rooms. These types of wooden beds are primarily preferable for random use. A typical wooden bed frame can carry up to 500 pounds in a maximum range.

Upholstered Wooden Bed Frame

The upholstered bed frame is famous for comfort. This bed frame comes with multiple layers to make sleeping comfortable enough.

Overall, the weight and caring ability of an upholstered wooden bed frame are so high. It can carry 250 pounds to 1000 pounds. That is a relatively heavyweight.

Moreover, the ergonomic design completely changes the outlook of the room. The use of customized mattresses is better for upholstered bed frames. However, this bed frame is not preferable for animals and kids.

Storage Wooden Bed Frame

Storage wooden bed frames are traditionally used in guest rooms. It is mainly used for large storage ability. However, another plus point of storage wooden bed frames is the weight carrying capacity.

It can carry weight from 250 to 500 pounds. However, the storage wooden bed frame is not so moveable. Overall, it is suitable for regular use.

Murphy Wooden Bed Frame

When you are making a list of some royal wooden bed frames, you cannot ignore the presence of amazingly designed murphy wooden bed frames.

A proper Murphy wooden bed frame can carry up to 1000 pounds. This higher carrying capacity of a wooden bed frame is a plus point for sleeping together with little kids. Unfortunately, a fixed setup is the biggest drawback of a murphy structured wooden bed frame.

This type of bed frame is customized and made for walls and rooms. Accept this fixed setup nature; everything on Murphy’s wooden bed frame is fine.

Weight Carrying Capacity of Different Types of Wooden Bed Frames

Let’s see the below table to understand the maximum capacity of the wooden bed frame.

Wooden Bed FrameCapacity
Mid-century modern 1500 lbs
Natural wood bed frame1500 lbs
Eco wood1500 lbs
Malibu platform800 lbs

How to Measure the Weight Capacity of Bed Frame

While measuring the bed frame capacity, you need to exclude the weight of the mattress. Suppose your bed frame has the capability of 500 pounds. Just exclude the overall weight of the mattress. If your mattress weighs 100 pounds, your bed frame’s weight carrying capacity will be 400 pounds.

A surprising fact is that the bed frame is always ready to take heavy weights than its regular weight capacity.

Scientifically, bed frames’ design helps distribute the extra weight evenly on the whole surface. No additional pressures are generated on the center. Therefore, bad frames can carry higher weights than regular capacity.


Well-made wooden bed frames can hold enormous pressure. Moreover, an excellent wooden bed frame looks very stylish too. Although the wooden bed frame may not seem so strong, it is surprisingly capable of adequately carrying heavyweight.


Here, you will answer the most relevant queries regarding bed frame capacity.

Does the wooden bed frame have any capacity limit?

Yes, wooden bed frames have capacity limitations. On average, you can put 500 pounds of pressure on the wooden bed frame. However, some wooden bed frames can take 1000 pounds at a maximum range. Alternatively, some lower-quality wooden bed frames are appropriate at 250 pounds.

What is the Capacity plywood-made bed frame?

The plywood-made bed frames are capable of taking 150-200 lbs weights. Plywood bed frames are not capable of carrying heavy forces.

Is the wooden bed frame causes any damage?

Ergonomic wooden bed frames don’t create any harmful pressure on the body. As the wooden bed frame mostly comes in a flat shape, it distributes the weight evenly. So, you can rely heavily on wooden bed frames.

Is a Wooden Bed frame Proper Choice for Overweight Person?

For an overweight person, a proper mattress is essential. Plus, a reasonable bed frame helps to keep the body in a good position. Low height and flat surface wooden bed frames work very well for overweight people.