What to Do with Old Bed Frame? (12+ Ideas)

A thoughtful idea can turn your trash into treasure. When it comes to renovating your bedroom, the first thing that comes to mind is what to do with old bed frames. If it sounds like you, then this article is for you.

You can repurpose old items in different ways. You can sell it on the internet marketplace if it is still usable. Also, old items retain too many memories.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of fantastic ideas to help you transform your seemingly useless bed frame into a love DIY project.

7 Mind-Blowing Upcycling Ideas for an Old Wooden Bed Frame

As mentioned above, before moving on to the ideas of recycling, you need to make sure that your bed frame is in reusable condition.

After that, you can choose any of the ideas below that may suit your interest and need. Upcycling your old bed frame will become easier when you have a clear idea of what you want to turn it into.

1. Converting Old Wood Bed Frame into Coffee Table

With an old wooden bed frame headboard, it is possible to make an aesthetic coffee table. To customize the design, add glass, steel plate, or mirror with the headboard and turn it into a beautiful piece for your attic.

Source: upcycledzine.com

2. Making a Sitting Bench With Old Frame

One of the most popular ways to turn your old bed frame into an item of new furniture is turning it into a sitting bench.

You will use the headboard, side stands, and slats if you want. Paint it new, and add foam, cushions, and covers to it. And now, you have a unique masterpiece for your living room.

Source: lifeatthecottaage.com

3. Porch Swing Bed with Stand

Do you love swings? If you have a porch at the front of your house, you might want to have a porch swing.

Turn your headboard and slats into a porch swing by cutting half of it. Ask for professional help to hang the swing from the ceiling; otherwise, you may hurt yourself.

4. The Kitchen Hanger

For vintage style lovers, this DIY project is the perfect one. The Footboards are usually smaller and cannot turn into a swing or bench like the headboards.

Therefore, you should hang the footboard on your kitchen wall after adding some hooks to hang cups. Repaint it with neutral colors and flowers. And you are done.

Source: hometalk.com

5. Unique Wall Décor

Suppose you owned a small bed for your kid and it’s time to buy a new one for the young adult. But you are too obsessed with the vintage-y Jenny Lind style bed frame as it holds memories of the little kid.

Now what you can do is, turn the headboard into a wall shelf. A rack in the living room, bedroom, or even over your bathtub will help you keep things neat, and the emotional value is still intact, right?

Source: sarahjoyblog.com

6. Create a Pet Bed

Why not make your pet’s bed a little more comfortable? With the remaining slats and stands of the old bed frame, start making a small bed for your pet. Add cushions and cover, and make sure not to build it too high for your pet to climb on it.

7. Make Photo Hanger

Similar to the kitchen rack, a photo hanger is possible to build from an old bed frame headboard or slats. All you need to do is attach some hooks and small led lights to make it look more pleasing.

What Can I Make Out of an Old Metal Bed Frame?

The vintage old metal bed frames usually have unique ornamental, floral, and geometric designs. Designer headboards and metal slats can be used in varieties of purposes. Some of them are given below:

8. Make your Garden Gate

As a garden gate, metal headboards with antique ornate motifs will be a stunning addition. And you should use the metal slats of the bed if you want the gate to be tall and sturdy.

Source: cathousebeds.com

9. Make a fence of headboards

Another brilliant way to reuse metal headboards is by creating a fence. If you have a large garden area, you should look for similar headboards and arrange them alternatively to build a wall.

Source: shabbybeach.blogspot.com

10. Raised Garden bed

Building a wooden raised garden bed is a daunting task. So, why not recycle your old metal bed frame for it?

You will need the platform slightly higher from the ground to make a garden bed for growing seeds. The single bed frame with the headboard and slats intact can be turned into a fantastic flower bed.

Source: groovygreenliving.com

Can You Throw Away a Bed Frame?

Throwing away the bed frame should be the last option when it is beyond repair, or you do not have much time or tools for a DIY project.

You can do the following if you wonder where you can dispose of a bed frame.

11. Donate the Bed Frame

While moving to a smaller place, many people think about donating extra furniture to charity so that it can be off to good use.

Check out moneycrashers.com to find out the best places near you to donate your old bed frame. For Example, Goodwill, the Salvation Army, AMVETS, Donation Town, etc.

12. Earn Money from the Junk

Well, perhaps your old bed frame is not useless at all. There are plenty of websites where you can sell the junk piece and earn some last profit. But the requirements are simple; the bed needs to be in excellent and usable condition.

To sell your bed frame, all you need to do is click a real-time photo of the bed and input the description on any of the websites mentioned on extraspace.com and post a free ad.

13. Go to the Professional

You may not find any of the abovementioned ideas applicable to your needs. But guess what! The professionals do.

You should look for scrap dealers near you and talk to them about your item. They will show you more ideas and samples for you to choose from.

Lastly, it would be best to ask the homeowners association about the junk removal service, dumpster, or curbside where you can throw your bed. Anyone who needs the bed can pick it up even though you may need a service provider to take the bed frame from your doorstep and throw it away.


We hope these suggestions encourage you to consider what to do with an old bed frame. Other than these suggestions, you are free to develop your DIY project ideas.

Take a quick tour of your home and ponder what type of furniture or rack you’d like to get for a given purpose. Also, see if any parts of your bed frame can be reused to build that. Saving money and preserving memory will both be accomplished this way.


1. Can a Bed Frame Be Recycled?

Of course, a bed frame can be recycled into beautiful pieces of furniture. And for DIY lovers, this is another popular form of recycling.

2. Is It Okay to Throw Away a Bed Frame?

If you have a rustic old bed frame and want to change it to a new model, it is okay to throw away the old one. But if you have read the article above, we are hoping that you are reconsidering the facts about throwing away the bed frame.