How Bed Frames Affect Your Sleep Health

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Can’t sleep properly, no matter how hard you try? This is certainly one hell of a pain. After all, lack of sleep is not anything to chuckle about. From feeling restless to experiencing several kinds of health issues, bad sleep can drastically affect our lives, changing everything.

Don’t know why this is happening so frequently. To your surprise, your bed frame may contribute to this problem.

In the following article, we will discuss various problems regarding how bed frames affect your sleep health. Stay tuned to know in details.

What is a Bed Frame?

Simply put, a bed frame is a foundation that gives a mattress the support it needs to hold up. This can be made using any substance, including wood, metal, and textiles like leather.

In other words, a bed frame supports the mattress and its supporting components, such as the foundation or box spring. Some significant parts of a bed frame include the footer, header, legs, and side rails.

However, contemporary bed frames display the side rails and legs. And people simply adore the floating appearance of these modern designs from an aesthetic standpoint.

How Bed Frames Affect Your Sleep Health?

Sleeping is something that we cannot just compromise with any other thing. They play an extremely crucial role in keeping us functional from the start of the day to the end.

They are so valuable and crucial that if you don’t sleep properly for some days, you will start getting sick and unable to perform your best.

That’s why choosing the right bed frame is of utmost importance. Otherwise, be ready to face the following incidents in the upcoming days:

Metal bed frames may contribute to insomnia

One of the most important factors to consider while purchasing an adjustable bed frame is to make sure that it will improve the quality of your sleep.

Otherwise, buying the new one will ultimately be of no use. The same sleeping condition will exist, along with getting several things added up.

Besides, the metal bed frames aren’t the most suitable for having a sound sleep every night.

Do you know how the metal bed frames began their journey and came into use first? Well, it’s mostly because they were viewed as a practical, budget-friendly solution in the past. This is one of the leading reasons people still buy this metal bed frame.

Fortunately, those times have long since passed and thus have become now a distant memory.

Unlike the previous bed frames, today’s frames are much more flexible and can be adjusted easily to match your unique sleeping habits. Besides, you will find a range of bed frame designs, including bamboo and cotton.

So, choose wisely if you plan on getting a metal bed frame. Otherwise, you will get insomnia instead of improving and getting a peaceful night of sleep.

And if you start suffering from insomnia after using a metal bed frame, then it is high time you change it. The sooner, the better it will be for your sleep.

Severe headache

Who wants to wake up from sleep with a severe headache? Nobody, right?

Well, that’s one of the common scenarios you will suffer from if you choose the wrong bed frame to sleep on. In just a few days, you will notice that you have a headache every then and now. And no medicine or remedy is curing it.

You stay okay for the time being until the drugs are still in effect. Once the effect is gone, your headache starts returning after waking from sleep. If this scenario continues, understand that your bed frame is meddling with your sleep. And it is now time that you change it. Otherwise, the headache will just get escalated instead of getting any better.

Muscle Pain

This is indeed one of the alarming things. Yes, you heard that right!

You will not get the exact support when using the wrong bed frame. And when you don’t get that required support, the extra strain will ultimately be put on your muscle area.

Our body is susceptible to these things. As a result, whenever there is extra pressure, our body reacts to it, and in return, we feel severe pain, especially in the muscle areas.

So, in case you are suffering from muscle pains every now and then, without any valid reasons, it will certainly mean that you must change your bed frame as soon as possible. Because sleeping is all about relaxation, and if our bed frame cannot give us that, you should immediately change it.

Our body needs a bed frame that will give our back and neck portion the exact support it needs but definitely in a more flexible manner. Compared to all the kinds of bed frames, the most suitable one to sleep on is a lighter bed frame made using bamboo combined with a memory foam mattress.

They are popularly known for avoiding any body pain by letting you sleep in the most comfortable way that your body needs to relax.

Scary Nightmares

This may seem a bit shocking and unrealistic. But several latest studies show that the wrong bed frame can play quite a role in leading you to have scary nightmares.

So, if you are experiencing bad dreams continuously, your bed frame can be one of the reasons due to why this is happening. Now the question that may trigger your mind is how my bed frame has to do anything with my sleep.

Well, bad dreams mostly happen when your body reacts to being pushed and pulled by an unpleasant frame. Scary right?

Morning Sickness

The last thing you want to experience right after waking from sleep is morning sickness. We all sleep to relax our minds and body simultaneously.

Besides, if your bed is uncomfortable to sleep on, then instead of being able to sleep properly, you will end up staying awake all night. This is undoubtedly one of the most disturbing things no one wants to experience.

Therefore, if you are tired, depressed, cranky, or physically sick after waking from sleep, it may be due to the uncomfy bed frame. So, giving up that frame is your greatest option in a situation like this, as everything is directly or indirectly associated with your sleep.

To Wrap Up

Now that you know how bed frames may affect your sleep health, it’s high time you take the next step. Otherwise, you will continue to face these issues, ultimately affecting your sleep quality and thus will create an imbalance in your life.

Therefore take the necessary steps as soon as possible to ensure a peaceful night of sleep every day. After all, the happiness a sound sleep gives us is incomparable with any other thing.

Happy sleeping!