Pros and Cons of Sleeping on a Mattress with No Bed Frame

Have you bought a new mattress? But don’t have a bed frame to set it? Well, you can sleep on that mattress without it. Mattresses are built soft, which makes sleeping comfortable. So you can set it on the floor and sleep comfortably.

However, like every situation, sleeping like this has pros and cons. The following discussion will teach you the pros and cons of sleeping on a mattress with no bed frame.

What is a Bed Frame?

A bed frame is built from various materials: metal, wood, textiles, or leather. In essence, a bed frame provides support for a mattress as well as its base.

The header, footer, legs, and side rails are common bed frame parts. However, the only components of more contemporary bed frames are the side rails and the legs. All of these give them a “floating” appearance that suits the décor of any space.

Things you Should Know Before Sleeping on a Mattress without a Bed Frame

If you are considering to sleep on a matterss without a bed frame, here are some things to know.

The floor surface

You must take care of a few things while placing a mattress on the floor. Make sure the flooring is prepped and properly cleaned. The greatest floor surfaces are hardwood, tile, synthetic rugs, carpets, and floor mats.

Other things to notice:

  • Stay away from natural fibre carpets and rugs, plywood, and other items that might trap moisture since mold can grow in these materials.
  • Wipe the area after vacuuming the floor and baseboards.
  • Check on your mattress warranty.

Type of Mattress 

The majority of mattresses may not require support. All types of mattresses, like memory foam on the floor, latex on the floor, box spring, hybrid, and AirFoamTM, can be used peacefully on the ground.

On the other hand, hard-side waterbeds need a pedestal and frame and are inappropriate for direct floor contact.

Pros of Sleeping on a Mattress with no Bed Frame

Some of the benefits of sleeping on a mattress without a bed frame are as follows:

1. Avoid Unnatural Spinal Curves While Sleeping

While you are sleeping, some bed frames can cause an abnormal bend in your spine. But your spine will be more aligned when you sleep on floor-level beds.

It is due to improper mattress support from the bed frame. It may cause a deeper sinking into the mattress and increase distress to your spine.

2. An increase in blood flow

You’ll have better blood flow and heart health if you place the mattress on the floor. If the body is not correctly supported, pressure in the legs may block proper blood flow.

Cardiovascular disease risk might rise as a result. But when you are placing the mattress on the floor, it will improve your circulation and heart function.

3. Back Pain Reduction

If you have back pain and stiffness, you will benefit from sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Due to their growing popularity, more customers are using memory foam mattresses instead of box springs on platform beds.

As a result, your back won’t receive enough support. However, laying the mattress flat on the floor will provide complete back support.

4. Cooler Ambience

Sleeping on the floor will keep you cooler. The probability of remaining warm is greater if the bed is higher. As the night increases, the heat can get higher. But when you are asleep on the floor, you will sleep much more comfortably in a cooler setting.

5. Easy on the Wallet

Even if this isn’t the bed of your desires, a bed frame will definitely cost you at least $200. Some bed frames may cost you up to $700 or $8,000.

Lay a rug or yoga mats below your mattress in case you have a specific bed frame on your mind but don’t have the money to purchase it at present. Besides, explore bed foundations to see if you may use one as long as you save up to get a bed frame.

Cons of Sleeping on a Mattress with no Bed Frame

Placing the matterss on the floor has downsides too. Some of the disadvantages include:

It Can Get Cold

As it can get comfortable during warm days, it may cause you to suffer from cold during winter. It gets cold pretty easily, even on summer days. So it can make you feel chilly as you wake up.

Well, you can get a floor heating system. Yet, it may compel you to take one to two extra blankets to warm you up—causing you to spend more money!

Dust and Dust Mites

It is not a good option at all for those who have allergy issues. The floor is always covered in dust, and dust mites eat that dust. We know how much you keep your house clean. But it’s common for the dust to go undetected until it’s rather noticeable.

Those who are severe allergy sufferers can’t even sleep peacefully at night. So you better avoid floor bedding in this case.


In case you are sweating a lot at night, your mattress may absorb significant water. Generally, bed frames cover mattresses from various microbes, creepy crawlies, mildew, and anything else that can endanger the comfort of your bed.

Creepy Crawlies

Bed bugs can easily infest if you don’t keep your bed clean and well-maintained. Worse, they can climb it much more easily if you don’t have a bed frame.

To Wrap Up

Though sleeping on the floor is an amazing option for people with back pain or bad sleeping posture, it might not be your favorite. Yet, ensure you take the appropriate safety measures to safeguard yourself and the mattress as you plan to get your favorite bed frame.


Is this bedding suitable for older people?

Some mattresses are thick and tall, giving the impression that your new bed is large and towering. The bed will be visually identical to the ones with a bed frame if you add some well-raised slats resembling a bed.

But that’s not appropriate for an older person who could face joint problems, such as arthritis. In fact, it can damage their health condition instead.