How to Hide Metal Bed Frame

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Metal bed frames are one of the most practical, durable, and affordable options for almost every homeowner and renter. 

Easy to assemble, pull apart and move around–you can get it all with these sturdy metal bed frames. However, one drawback of this frame is they are not always soothing to the eyes.

It ultimately rounds us to the next question how to hide a metal bed frame. Is there any way to do that?

Well, you can definitely do it.

In fact, with a few simple modifications on the clock, you can easily hide the metal bed frame and enhance the look of your bedroom with total elegance.

Without further ado, let’s hop on:

How to Hide Metal Bed Frame? [12 Tricks to Try]

Whether you want to go for a more classic, add in some little decor, or try some DIY approach to give a unique and stylized look, there is a solution for all!

Here is a list of the simplest and easiest options you can try out to cover up your bed frame:

  • Find a Bed Skirt that Matches Your Room

This is the most common method to cover a bed frame. Bed skirts can hide the frame and, at the same time, give it an elegant look, changing the room’s ambiance.

Hence, find a bed skirt that goes perfectly with your bed frame. Wrap-around and detachable bed skirts are the two most convenient picks you can use and attach to the frame with total comfort.

If you don’t want to buy it, there is an alternative to it!

What’s that?

Well, you can easily create your own bed skirt. It is super easy and will help you to save those extra pennies you spend on purchasing the bed skirts.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can do it easily with basic sewing skills or sewing glue.

Just cut off the fabric needed to cut to match the length of your frame sides. After then, pin the new bed skirt around the mattress.


It will hide the metal bed frame in the most graceful way possible.

  • Convert Your Bed with Leg Covers

If you feel the bed skirts are more of an out-of-date option, you can always go for the leg covers. They are the most in-demand alternative to the bed skirts. It can beautifully lift the bed frame for some additional storage space.

However, choose high-quality materials (like rubber, mahogany, etc.); these leg covers can cover up the legs of the bed frame with complete grace.

In terms of look, they are no less compared to the leg covers. Instead, they upgrade the bedroom, ultimately giving it a more refined and sophisticated look.

  • Paint the Bed Frame

Are you more into crafty things? If so, painting the bed frame can be a good way to match up the metal bed frame with your room style.

Among all the options, the oil-based paints can give an ultimate look, bringing out the best version of the room.

Also, you can use Enamel spray paint!

They can also blend in perfectly to convert your metal frame outlook that too without needing any brush. As a result, using this spray paint, you get the total freedom to customize your metal frame full of colors, unique style, and elegance.

  • Use Fabrics to Give It a New Attire

Another great way to hide your metal frame is by using your favorite fabrics. Along with creating a new outlook, your frame will also get covered.

Use adhesives to stick the clothing on the metal bed frame and shape it in your own way. Also, set up the pillows properly on the top of the bed to give it a more professional and structured appearance.

  • Make a Canopy Paradise

A canopy is one of the clever ways to cover the metal bed frame, if put up properly. Order or purchase a canopy to put right above the bed for a simple and fast method.

However, if your bed frame is not constructed for a canopy, there is nothing to worry about!
As you can always create your own by fitting the rods of the curtains to the ceiling portion and by connecting the clothing to each of the rods.

Besides, you can try using sheer or silk clothes to give the room a more charming and chic ambiance. It will give the room a brighter look at the same time, will cover the frame. 

  • Cover the Headboard and Footboard with a Slipcover

No matter how much outdated your metal bed frame is, you can always utilize and give them a unique shape by covering the headboard and footboard with a slipcover.

Just trace the outline of the boards on the cloths by adding a 3-4 inches seams allowance. After then, cut the desired cloth by removing the pins, and sewing the top seam and sides.

[The best is to make the side ties with 3 inches widener strips of cloth with about 20 inches longer in length]

For stitching purposes, you can use a slipcover or can even uses a fabric glue if you want to go no-sewing.

N.B: Make sure to match the fabric with the theme of your room. So, it can perfectly blend in with your interior design.

  • Hang in Curtains Above the Metal Bed Frame

As like the canopy, curtains are another effective approach to cover the metal frame. Though the construction method is somewhat similar to the canopy, they are usually made using a bit thicker clothing.

Hanging curtains can be a good option, especially for personal areas. You can use curtains created using chintz or velvet, widely called bed drapes.

  • Go for a Large Comforter

This is by far one of the simplest methods when it comes to covering the metal frame. Just buy a large-sized comforter and lay it over the bed frame and the legs. Make sure that it is not too high upfront and that the comforter is of the exact size for your mattress.

Besides, a wide range of options is available nowadays. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the budget anymore. Instead, based on your choice, you can buy one.

  • Try Using a Flat Sheet 

Flat sheets are easily available to find and locate. In fact, in most cases, you will find an additional one just lying in the home.

So, it is another easy yet effective way if you have already used one and are too picky or concerned about the appearance.

Plus, they work perfectly for the beds, which are put in the central part of the room. Just put the flat sheet over the metal frame and underneath the mattress in a way that it touches the floor area.

If your bed is not placed in the central position, it’s better to go for an oversized flat sheet. So it can conveniently hide the metal bed frame from all sides.

  • Oversized Blanket

As with the large-sized comforter, using an oversized blanket can work pretty well to hide the bed frame. Just ensure that it is spacious enough to touch the floor from all around, with the bed showcasing a totally frame-free appearance.

  • Attach Wood to Cover the Metal 

Wood is another great design tactic to give your bedroom an elegant touch. Along with covering the frame, they create a beautiful illustration that you have a classy and luxurious wooden bed frame.

Besides, you can give it a more finished look by using it with the headboards. Lastly, you can even add in some high-quality sheets with large pillows to give it a complete classic look.

  • Add Decorations 

Seems confusing?

Well, placing some eye-catchy fixtures can certainly do wonders by distracting the eyes from those metal bed frames.

Such as, you can add a painting on the top of the frame, place a fluffy carpet on both the areas or throw in some luxurious cushions. Or can go for some unique light fixtures, potted indoor plants, decorative vines, and many more things to increase the aesthetics while removing distractions from the frames.

Final Words

Whether you are searching for a budget-friendly option or want to go for a more unique and creative one, there is always an alternative way to hide the metal bed frame without cutting your pocket or limiting your creativity.

You just need to find out which deal works the best for your metal bed frame from the above-mentioned methods. That’s all from the discussion regarding “How to hide metal bed frame?”