Top 5 Best Futon Frame Reviews in 2023 [Editor’s Choice]

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Futons have been used for a long even before arriving in your bedroom. The modern day’s futons are more practical and versatile than before. With the best futon frame, you can convert it from being a bed to a sofa and a lounger.

Futon frame offers a comfy place to sit on as well as a bed for guests. It provides solid support for sleeping and relaxing in the living room. You can also use it to decorate your home functionally.

With metal to wooden construction, futon frames come in a range of styles and sizes. Some futon frames allow adjusting it to more than ten different positions.  There are some tri-fold and bi-fold frames that can enclose your chosen mattress.

The popularity of futon frames has increased in recent years due to its comfort, durability, and affordability. So, you may find it challenging to choose one to fill the empty corner of your home. Read on below to get the best solutions.

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Our Top 3 Picks

Best by Price

SPACELY FRAME Best Futon Lounger – Frame ONLY

Best by Features

Nirvana Futons Queen Size Tri-Fold Wood Futon Sofa Bed

Best by Service

DHP Aiden Metal Futon Frame

Best Futon Frame: Reviews of 2023

From modern to rustic, futon frames come in different styles to match any home décor. After checking the best designs and styles, here we assembled a list of the best futon frame. They all have unique features to fit different types of users.

For your information. 

Product Name


Latest Price

SPACELY FRAME Best Futon Lounger – Frame ONLY


Nirvana Futons Queen Size Tri-Fold Wood Futon Sofa Bed


DHP Aiden Metal Futon Frame


DHP Twin Over Futon Convertible Metal Frame


Nirvana Futons Arden Futon Frame


1. SPACELY FRAME Best Futon Lounger – Frame ONLY

Product Details

Spacely Frame brought the best futon lounger in the market that is perfect for sitting, sleeping, and lounging. It is stylish and easy to assemble. Also, the Futon Lounge looks excellent in the studios, balconies, guest rooms, dormitories, etc.

The frame and legs of the lounger are made of metal. It has powder-coated black paint on the metal body. However, the lounger features a large armrest that can be elevated on a hinge. You can also lock the armrest to use it as the backrest.

Moreover, the height of the backrest and armrest is the same. The backrest is wide enough to fit a long single or two pillows. There are solid wooden slats where one mattress can easily fit.

Also, you can fold up the mattress and rise along with the backrest. The armrests can be extended to use the long slats as a sleeping bed. Lastly, it is long enough to accommodate a 6-feet tall person.



Final Verdict

The Space Frame futon lounger is a multifunctional and reliable piece of furniture. It could be a great addition to your small space.

2. Nirvana Futons Queen Size Tri-Fold Wood Futon Sofa Bed

Product Details

What if you get a space to sit where you can rest and stretch your legs? It is possible if you get the Nirvana Futons Tri-Fold frame. The futon frame offers exceptional quality, strength, and durability.

The Nirvana Futons is built with premium hardwood. Its fine grain hardwood construction offers long-lasting comfort. Besides, the wooden frame includes a glossy clear coat. It not only polishes but also protects the frame from stains and spills.

The wood futon frame comes with 13 adjustment options with varying angles. You can adjust it to 4-sitting, 8-lounging, and one-bed position. Also, the frame allows converting from a sofa to bed and lounger.

In a fully-extended position, it can put up to two sleepers. When folded, there is a backrest that offers ultimate comfort. The frame includes flushed end caps to prevent any potential hazards. Overall, the frame is lightweight and easy to move.



Final Verdict

The Nirvana Futons Tri-Fold is a versatile and flexible frame. Also, the frame can carry the user’s weight up to 300lbs. It fits perfectly in bedrooms, living room, guest room, and man cave.

3. DHP Aiden Metal Futon Frame

Product Details

Whether you need a space-saving and functional solution for your condo or apartment, DHP has you covered. The DHP Aiden upholstered, and metal frame allows converting from couch to bed within seconds.

The DHP Aiden is a metal frame that is equipped with six legs. These extra two legs offer stability and comfort while using it as a bed. The main attraction of the frame is its wide backrest.

Its contemporary low-setting design will complement any decoration. Moreover, the frame features a crisscrossed metal grid to support a twin-sized futon mattress. It has retainer handles at the edge that prevents the mattress from slipping.

You can also pull up the frame and push it back to your suitable position. Also, there is a bi-fold moving pallet attached to a steel frame. It offers equal weight distribution and lowers the centre of gravity. This solid frame can accommodate user weight up to 600lbs.



Final Verdict

The DHP Aiden is one of the sturdy and three-in-one solutions in the market. It is easy to assemble. Besides, the frame will enhance your sleeping and resting areas.

4. DHP Twin Over Futon Convertible Metal Frame

Product Details

Next, we have the DHP twin-over-futon convertible metal frame. It is ideal for families with kids and frequent guests. This convertible frame is designed to make the best use of your small space.

Unlike others, it features a bunk bed on top of a futon that kids will surely enjoy. The top bunk provides a sleeping surface for one child. It has safety features, like a full-size guardrail and childproof mechanism.

Also, there is an integrated ladder to reach on the top bunk. Then, on the bottom, the futon frame offers the versatility needed. You can use it as a seating space to relax and a bed for overnight guests.  

The sleek black finish of the overall frame makes it perfect for any home décor. Above all, this convertible futon can hold one full-size mattress. It can withstand user weight up to 600lbs, and the upper bunk can hold user weight up to 200lbs.



Final Verdict

The DHP convertible futon frame is best of all. It saves space in your small home without sacrificing comfort or design. So, get your DHP futon today.

5. Nirvana Futons Arden Futon Frame

Product Details

Moving on to the last frame, we’ve another Nirvana Futons in our list. Nirvana Futons Arden’s futon frame is sturdier than most frames on the market. Made from solid hardwood, it is durable for long time use.

This sturdy frame not only provides reliable support but also works with any decoration. If your home is of traditional or country styles, purchasing Nirvana Futons Arden would be the right decision.

Moreover, the frame is coated with different stages of the finishing process. It makes sure the colour and finish of the frame don’t fade and lose its beauty. However, the queen-sized frame can function in three positions – bed, sofa, and lounger.

The best part is it can hold two average-sized adults in the bed position. Also, the weight capacity is no more than 250lbs. The assembly is easy as it only requires an Allen wrench and a regular hand screwdriver.



Final Verdict

We must say Nirvana Futons Arden is an excellent purchase for anyone looking for style and quality. It provides the best support for many years.

After reading about these top 10 best futon frames, it’s natural that you want to know about the futon ratings. ok, don’t worry about it. All of our listed product has better rating and reviews than other. We always try to make sure our professionalism and quality over the product. So don’t worry.

Everything You Need to Know about the Best Futon Frame

Everything You Need to Know about the Best Futon Frame

Futons originated in Japan in the 17th century, as simple foldable mattresses. The modern day’s futon refers to a metal or wooden frame that supports mattresses. A fusion frame can be used as a sofa for sitting and a bed for sleeping.

The best futon frame is one of the most popular additions to the transformable furniture. It provides extra relaxing space for people who have limited space. You can use futon frames to store things, and it goes well with your home decoration.

Though the futon frame has the sparkle of classic art pieces, it blends with the traditional aesthetic. It can instantly change the look of your living space. Besides, futon frames are easy to move and maintain.

The versatility of the futon frame makes it popular among all. Perhaps, you are here to learn more about futon frames. Here is why we’ve prepared the article with everything you need to know about futon frames. Let’s get started!

What Classifies as Futon Frame?

The futon frame is what supports the futon pads or cotton-filled mattress. It’s a classic metal or wooden frame with different-styles arms. Usually, they come as a sofa, which is convertible into a bed-shaped platform.

Don’t so much worried about the futon frame and mattress, it’s not so high priceable for you.

The futon frame is flexible enough to fold in half size to use as a comfortable couch. Also, it allows unfolding the sofa into a queen-sized bed. It’s the right choice for sudden guests.

The best futon frame lasts for years. You can use a single futon for many years by just changing the futon cover. Futon frames are available in different designs, styles, and materials. We’ll talk about them below.

What Classifies as Futon Frame?

What are the Types of Futon Frame?

Depending on the designs, futon frames are available in 3 major types. Also, there is one special type considered as futon frames.

  • Bifold Futon Frame

The bifold frame looks like a sofa when it is placed in an upright direction. It has the futon mattress which is folded in half the long way. When used as a sofa, it features a back and a seat.

In the down position, it resembles a bed with the mattress entirely flat. The design allows sitting and sleeping in both positions. However, these frames can hold a mattress of any thickness.

  • Trifold Futon Frame

Unlike a bi-fold frame, it features a back, a seat, and a footrest. But, it provides both a sitting and a sleeping surface. The mattress used in the trifold frame can be folded in two places. It can hold a thinner futon mattress.

  • Loveseat Futon Frame

Like the bifold and trifold frame, it can be placed in an upright and down position. It resembles a sofa in the upright position as well as a flatbed in the down position. However, the loveseat frame allows placing in the lounging position. It uses a two-piece futon mattress.

  • Bunk Bed

Some bunk beds can be considered as a futon. They feature one or two raised beds over a loveseat or bifold futon frame. It’s a great choice to use in dorm rooms.

Metal Frame vs Wood Frame

Futon frames are equipped with one of two materials – wood or metal.

Wooden Futon Frames

Wood is by far the traditional material used in the futon frame. Solid wood offers the most attractive aesthetics. It looks too good in any interior. Though solid wood frames have a longer lifespan, they are quite expensive.

Besides, they are heavier, making it difficult to move the futon from one room to another. Solid wood is also less flexible. So, it would be difficult for you to convert the frame from one position to another.

I hope now you will get enough knowledge on this topic that you want. If you want to know more about wood-framed futons, please let us know. We will try to publish a dedicated article on this topic.

There are some less expensive wooden frames available, like particleboard and other types of softer woods. Those units are less durable. But most of them will be a good choice for average use.

Wooden Futon Frames

Metal Frame

The metal frame is the less expensive yet durable choice for the futon frame. Besides, they are lighter, which adds more portability to the frame. You can quickly move it without any help. Unlike wood, the metal frame is flexible.

So, you can fold futon into different shapes. It may not be a contemporary addition to your interior. However, it serves more than it costs.

Which One is Better?

  • The wooden frame is more long-lasting than a metal frame.
  • The metal frame is lighter than a wooden frame for which they are much portable.
  • The metal frame is less expensive than a wooden frame.
  • The wooden frame looks more contemporary than a metal frame.
  • The metal frame is more flexible than a wooden frame.

What Size do Futon Frame Comes in?

The futon frame comes in different sizes, including full-size, twin, and queen size. Though they come in king-size, it is rarely available.

  • Full-size futon frames accommodate a full-size mattress. The overall width of the full-size frame ranges from 76.5″ to 87″.
  • Twin-size futon frames fit conventional twin mattresses. The overall width ranges from 41″ to 50.5″.
  • Queen size futon frames fit a queen-sized mattress. The overall width of the queen size frame ranges from 82″ to 91.5″.
What Size do Futon Frame Comes in?

Different Futon Frame Styles

Futon frame also comes in different playful styles, such as – traditional, lounge, and armless.

  • The traditional futon frame resembles a typical sofa. These include full arms with matching futon mattress.
  • Lounge futon frames are the most relaxed and comfortable type. It features a sitting surface and a foldable back. These frames can be converted from upright to fully flat position.
  • The armless futon frame looks more like a traditional bed. Due to its sleek design, the armless frame fits more people than others. The mattresses used in these frames are thicker and flexible.

Other Factors to Look in a Futon Frame

How much does the user weigh?

Before you decide on a futon frame, consider the user weight at first. Heavier users should opt for a wooden frame with a thick and comfortable mattress. You may have to spend a little extra in that case. Lighter users, on the other hand, can fit into metal frames with thinner mattress. So make sure to check the weight the futon can withstand.

How tall is the user?

Depending on the height, you have to decide between the armless, lounge, and traditional futon. Tall people will find an armless futon frame comfortable to sleep. Conversely, shorter or average height users can sleep well in other frames.


The choice for the best futon frame can be different from person to person. Whichever type and style you choose, make sure it is durable and offers easy repositioning.

In any way, the futon frame will undoubtedly fit your need, be it a sofa, full-size bed or a lounge. You don’t have to struggle anymore with limited space when a guest arrives.

Thus far, you’ve learned about the best futon frame available on the market. All the frames on the list come with good-quality. You can use them for quite a long time. After going through the list, you should be able to buy a sturdy futon frame.

Also, these frames will not disappoint you to solve your sleeping or relaxing issue. You can now utilize your small space for a friend’s overnight stay. Get yours NOW!


1. What is the best futon to buy?

Futon has been the staple in most homes for a long. While talking about the best futon, the IKEA futons come first in mind. Though they are one of the best options to consider, there are more in the market. Some of the best options are; Nirvana Futons, Divano Roma sleeper futon, DHP Emily Futon, etc.

2. What are the most comfortable futons?

The comfortable futons are not too bulky yet lightweight for overnight guests. They are more comfy, versatile, and contemporary than bulky sofas. Besides, they fit anywhere from the dorm room to the kid’s room and bedroom to lounges. This is one of the best super comfortable futon that you want. So don’t worry about this.

The most comfortable futons are Novogratz Brittany futon, Mainstay Memory foam futon, DHP Paxson futon, etc.

3. How do you make a futon more comfortable?

Futon doesn’t always provide the lavish sleeping experience of a five-star hotel. You need to buy the best futon frame and mattress to get the ultimate comfort. Also, you may want to take a few steps to add comfort to your futon.

  • Buy a comfortable futon mattress to make the difference.
  • Add wooden bed slats under the mattress.
  • Attach a mattress topper to the futon mattress.
  • Add a featherbed to the futon mattress.
  • Use a comforter to add comfort to the futon sofa.

4. Can I put a normal mattress on a futon frame?

Yes, you can use a normal mattress like air mattress on your futon frame. There are limitations to this, though. You cannot convert your futon frame to a sofa if you install a regular mattress.

5. Is it OK to sleep on a futon every night?

No, futons look stylish and functional for guest’s sleepovers. And it is considered guest bed. They are not comfortable to sleep on every night. When it converts to a bed, the futon mattress area is also spread on. The metal or wood futon frame could be uncomfortable to sleep on. As a result, it may cause back pain.

6. How much does a good futon cost?

An excellent futon can cost as little as $300 and as much as $1000, including mattress and futon frame. Also, some mid-priced futons cost around $500. Those units offer excellent quality and last for longer.

7. Why are futons so uncomfortable?

The issue with comfort happens due to the futon mattress. The futon mattress tends to slip downward – especially if the mattress is thick. When you try to fold the mattress, it doesn’t fold and fit tightly.

8. What is better a futon or sofa bed?

If you have a smaller space, the futon is a better option as it takes a little space. You can quickly move it around and use it where needed. Also, it costs lesser and provides more versatility than a sofa bed. On the other hand, a sofa bed is a better choice if you intend to decorate your living room. Rather, Mattress topper for sofa bed is costlier than a futon. 

9. How thick should a futon mattress be?

The ideal thickness of a futon mattress is around 6-inches on a Tri-Fold futon frame. And, you should use a minimum of 8-inches thick mattress on a Bi-fold mattress. In short, a futon accepts a thinner mattress for easy foldability.