Metal Vs. Wood Bed Frame: Which is Right for You?

Are you planning to decorate your bedroom? Want to buy a new bed set? If so, the right decision is to focus on both comfort and durability. People usually go for metal vs. wood bed frame. Both frames are suitable in terms of cost, stability, and, most importantly, give you comfort.

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Now you might have a question about which bed frame is best for you. Is it a wood bed frame or a metal bed frame? In this article, we’re going to discuss metal vs. wood bed frames that will help you decide which one is right for you.

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Metal Vs. Wood Bed Frame: Which One Is Right for You

To know about it, I think you should have a question in your mind that what is the purpose of a bed frame? Don’t worry. Keep reading to know everything about it.

Here, we are providing the factors and benefits of metal and wood bed frames, which will help you compare and decide which one to buy.

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Stability of Wood and Iron Bed Frames

There are several ways to define stability. The wooden and metal beds frame with a larger size is harder to hold on a large mattress. In contrast, wood bed frames give you much stability than standard-sized metal bed frames.

By the way, wrought iron beds are not as like as familiar with wooden and metal beds. But it will be another favorite bed for you.

Therefore, wood bed frames are usually considered a reliable option. These frames are made of solid materials and often constructed with slots. However, metal bed frames can not be well-designed because of solid materials.

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Cost of Wood Vs. Metal Bed Frame

It is evident that people make decisions based on their ability and bank accounts. The price can be considerably less for a metal bed frame with standard metal than for a wood bed frame.

In another sense, when you are dealing with large size beds, you may need a sturdier metal. In that case, a wood bed frame can be a more economical option for you. However, metal is usually less expensive when you’re associate with standard and small bed frame.

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Weight of Wooden Vs. Metal Beds

Most people think metal bed frames are more substantial than the wooden one. However, this is not always true. When it comes to a wooden bed frame, the weight to the metal bed frame is less bulky.

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It is essential to know that the heavy-duty queen-sized metal frame surpasses the queen-sized frame made of wood.

Noise of Metal Vs. Wood Beds

Sometimes, you may not consider the noise factor when buying a bed frame. Due to the rigidity of the wood, the structure is less likely to separate, and it produces less noise. So wood bed frames are a better option when it comes to sound.

Bed is the most important piece of furniture when it comes to your bedroom. While you are about to choose the bed as per your room decor you will always look for something that is sturdy and goes well with your interior. There are a lot of options but the most common ones now are the metal bed frame.

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Using a metal bed frame has its own pros and cons but once you find a metal bed frame fit for your room you’ll not look for anything else. If you want to learn about the various pros and cons of metal bed frames, you need to read on till the end.

Pros of Metal Bed Frame

First of all let’s find out the advantages of using a metal bed frame over any other type of bed frame, especially a wooden bed frame.

  • The first advantage of using a metal bed frame is that it needs very less maintenance. Compared to a wooden bed frame they are more durable and you can use them for long without worrying about the condition of the metal bed frame. Metal is not damaged by insects or pests and hence it requires little maintenance.

  • Metal can be molded into different shapes and hence you will get a metal bed frame that has an elegant headboard and a lovely footboard. It always adds to the aesthetic value of your room. There is metal bed frame that are made up of wrought iron to give a classic look and some of the other metals to provide a contemporary look. You can choose anyone that serves your purpose.

  • Metal beds frames are more versatile than any other bed frame. You will get them in different designs, colors and finish and have something that will go best with the decor of your bedroom.

  • Mostly metal bed frames are solid and tough and they can withstand any amount of weight. You can use them for years as they are very durable.

  • They are also a good choice for making the bed frame of your kid’s as you can paint them of any color, whether its pink, red or blue.

Cons of Metal Bed Frame

It’s true that metal bed frame are great but it has certain disadvantages too. Let’s find out

  • It is true that metal bed frames are very strong but this strength depends upon the welding quality of the frame. If by any chance it is not good then your bed may not last long.

  • Metal is highly affected by temperature and hence you may face certain problems with your bed unless you have a temperature control system in the bedroom.

  • While they are sturdy, but the extra weight of the metal bed frames could cause the owners to face problems when it comes to home shifting or renovating the house.

  • Metal bed frames are a good choice but they do not provide that elegance to the rooms that a wooden bed frame will.

Although there are certain flip sides to it, looking at the long list of pros, it certainly makes sense to use metal beds in bedrooms.

Benefits of Metal Bed Frame

Metal bed frames are more likely to be retained than traditional wood bed frames. You can look for a wide range of different styles that match your bedroom surroundings. Besides, it has elaborate finishes that make it suitable for any bedroom.

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Benefits of Wood Bed Frame

One of the benefits of a wood bed frame is that it can be easily customized through the use of different wood types and stains. Besides, it provides you with a unique style compared to the more traditional bed frame. The good thing is that they are easy to reuse and are mostly produced from a sustainable source.


A wood bed frame is an excellent option for stability. On the other side, metal bed frames are affordable. However, the decision depends on your preferences. Hopefully, the factors mentioned above on metal vs wood bed frames will help you to make a decision about which one is right for you.